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Sabres vs Penguins 3/2/10 Postmortem March 2, 2010

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So who are these teams? One looks a little bit like Finland based on the color of their uniforms, but I can’t identify this other one… Oh. Wait – someone on Twitter just told me this is NHL HOCKEY. Surely they are incorrect. Surely the Olympics are not over.

Oh. They are. Well then, let’s see who’s on the ice! Heeeeyyyyy, I know that guy! It’s Jason Pominville! And that’s Tyler Kennedy! It’s the Sabres and the Pens! Woo-hoo!!!!!

The Sabres have 22 games to prove that they are, in fact, good at hockey, unlike the team we saw right before the Olympic break. Let’s go, boys!


  • Lalime gives us a little shake-shake-shimmy-shimmy during the anthems. He reminded me of Stevie Wonder. Go Patty!
  • Again on Lalime – he stands tall in the first 10 minutes of the first period.
  • The Sabres do seem to have taken their hustle and bustle pills. They better keep working…
  • Awww, I missed Pat Kaleta!
  • Lydman scores a goal, possibly his last as a Sabre. Bittersweet.
  • Crosby is getting booed in MELLON ARENA? Unreal!!!!

Didn’t like:

  • Pretty weak call on Tim Kennedy there. If he actually injured Max Talbot then Max has bigger problems than being boarded by a guy who would blow away in a stiff wind.
  • The Sabres are allowing too many shots.
  • Am I the only one who has noticed that Adam Mair continually clears the puck to the front of the opposition’s net but to NOBODY? What’s the point?
  • You know, you guys could help out your goaltender a little…
  • And apparently in the past week of practice no shooting drills were conducted.
  • Yeah, that whole hustle and bustle thing I mentioned? Seems to have deserted the Sabres. Bad Sabres, bad!
  • How many of the Sabres are still in Tahiti? Oy.
  • Dumb time/opponent to fight, Gaustad. You’re in Amanda’s Doghouse. Now go lie down.

Well. Tomorrow night is Washington. It doesn’t get any easier from here on out, guys. Wake up. Oh, and one last thing:




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