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Sabres vs Capitals 3/3/10 Postmortem March 3, 2010

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So I was planning to do two separate posts today: one about the trades and one with this postmortem. Life conspired against me and I haven’t seen too much of the first period of this game, so I’m going to combine posts. Because I can.

To the trades first:

  • Upgraded at one position: from MacArthur to Torres
  • Lost a second rounder, gained a third and fourth rounder
  • Cut out some dead weight (can I get a “Hell yeah!” on that?)
  • Dumped some salary

Grade: B+
While I would’ve loved a big-time acquisition, we all knew that wasn’t going to happen. Considering how conservative Darcy Regier is, this is a pretty good day for him. I can’t really fault him for what he did.

On to the game…


  • Gotta like no Clarke MacArthur and Nathan Paetsch. Now that I’ve said that, moving on…
  • I do like how Jochen Hecht is willing to shoot from anywhere. I would bet he scores 75% of his goals that way.
  • Faceoffs help with puck possession, and for what it’s worth, Connolly and Roy, through a little more than two periods, are both over 70% in faceoff wins.

Didn’t like:

  • No Sabres shots six minutes into the second period? What’s up with that, guys? You do realize you can’t score if you don’t shoot the puck, right? Huh. Maybe you don’t.
  • Um, letting professional hockey players in alone on your goaltender is not a good idea. Letting REALLY GOOD professional hockey players in alone on your goaltender is a horrible idea. Just thought I might reiterate that.
  • Once again allowing too many shots. Y’all don’t need to convince us you have a great goaltender – we know, so start playing some defense in front of him so he doesn’t have to do all the work.
  • And now Versus has decided not to work. I think this is a sign from the hockey gods.

Ugh, I’ve got a migraine coming on – might be cutting this post short and going to bed. UPDATE: After over 10 minutes, Versus is still down for me, so I’m giving up. Sorry peeps.

Sabres play the Flyers on Friday night. Who the heck is the goaltender over there now that Emery is on season-ending IR?


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