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Are deadline trades worth it? March 6, 2010

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I often wonder if trades made at the deadline are really worth it – at least in the case of rentals. Right now there are only five weeks left in the regular season. Is that enough time to integrate a rental player into your lineup and build the chemistry necessary for him to really make a difference?

If the team goes far in the playoffs there’s obviously more time to develop chemistry, but I wonder what percentage of rental players go beyond the first round or two of the playoffs… I wonder, and yet I’m not going to actually figure out the answer to that question. I’m not good at math and that sounds like not only math, but hard math.

People ask me why I’m so “easy” on the Sabres when they don’t go for it at the deadline, and the above is the reason. I’d rather trade for someone who is going to be with the team in future years than to mortgage a lot and hope for the best.

That being said, welcome, Raffi Torres. Sabres fans love shiny new toys, so enjoy your popularity while you can.

He's like a shiny penny, but not.

The Sabres play the Rangers tomorrow. Typically, I don’t mind playing the Rangers since the Sabres tend to do well against them, and tomorrow shouldn’t be any different. Hopefully the boys can find chemistry with their shiny new toy and stay in first in the division. I hope they also did some more shooting practice – this whole “missing the net” thing is getting ridiculous.



1. Kathleen - March 6, 2010

I’d rather trade for someone who is going to be with the team in future years than to mortgage a lot and hope for the best.

I am SO with you on that. Whatever you want to say about Darcy, I’m so glad he never breaks the bank with that kind of bullhonky.

That said, I am glad Raffi Torres is (probably… I hope) a rental. When he popped up on the trade tracker, I said something I’ll leave to your imagination because this is a family blog 😉 I just don’t like the guy. Granted, most of my exposure to him is from watching/listening to the BJs play my WC darlings in Chicago, in which he always managed to victimize various Blackhawks – so I’m a little partisan. But nastiness aside, I think he’s still an overrated shiny toy. The 19 goals are a fluke. This dude is not a top 6 forward. He’s a mean – and occasionally dirty – 3rd liner with a shoddy defensive conscious.

(I still don’t know why Darcy didn’t just stick Derek Roy in a Devils uniform and hope no one noticed he had Zach Parise in the trunk until he was over the state line.)

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