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Why don’t players shoot the puck? March 8, 2010

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This is something that has driven me crazy since I started watching hockey many, many years ago.


Isn’t that their job? Isn’t that the primary goal (no pun intended) for most hockey players? Unless you’re a goalie or a defensive defensemen who nobody expects to ever score, you should be scoring goals. And you can’t score goals if you don’t shoot the puck.

So how do you force the players to shoot? I’m not familiar with what coaches can do to “encourage” (like the Mafia “encourages”, hee) players to shoot, and I know it’s difficult to make a judgment call on when the player should’ve shot, but there’s got to be some sort of solution to this problem?

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Giving them Chinese water torture
  2. Forcing them to watch Lifetime movies
  3. Putting chili pepper in their jock straps
  4. Making them listen to Celine Dion

I’m sure I could come up with more…



1. S. Tooth - March 8, 2010

It might be worth noting that I heard somewhere, I think it was WGR that the Sabres are the only team in the league that has a higher winning percentage throughout the season when they DON’T outshoot the other team. And it’s not even close. It’s like 38 percent winning when they outshoot the other team and 65 when they get outshot. Food for thought.

manda903 - March 8, 2010

Reeeallly? That IS interesting. I’m not saying they don’t take enough shots in general, it’s more when I see them pass the puck instead of taking the shot. I know they can see things at ice level that we can’t in the stands, but it bugs me when they don’t shoot when it looks like they could.

Thanks for letting me know about that stat!

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