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Sabres vs Stars 3/10/10 Postmortem March 10, 2010

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I was out tonight and DVR’d the game, but I ended up fast-forwarding through parts of it. Despite that, I noticed several things…

For this game, and this game only, I am only going to do a “Liked” section. Without further ado:


  • 42 shots? Nice!
  • Allowing only 19 shots? Nicer!
  • It was good to see Vanek get one. I’ve been worried about that boy committing hari-kari if he didn’t score soon. And of course if he did that he’d use his stick.
  • My opinion: Tyler Myers has the Calder sewn up unless some other youngin’ really steps up his game.
  • Mancari had a good game, and it’s about time. I don’t think he’s going to get too many more chances. Without the roster limit in effect, maybe Mancari will remain with the big boys even after Gaustad and Stafford come back.
  • I love Pat Kaleta. That is all.
  • I saw an end-to-end rush and was truly surprised when I saw the person streaking up ice was Steve Montador. Huh.
  • Tyler Myers and Henrik Tallinder, together, cover the entire width of the ice with their reaches. They are large humans. (H/T Doc Emrick)
  • Did they give that goal to Pominville? I hope so. He’s looked like such a sad pup lately.
  • Man, I wish Grier and Hecht had hands. It’s painful to watch.
  • Ryan Miller, to his credit slammed the door and gave his team a chance to win.
  • Roy had a good game. I was impressed when he didn’t throw it down the ice blindly at the open net that first time. The second time he had more time and space and went for it, which I’m fine with, but making the smart play the first time was good to see.
  • Marty Turco does not seem to be terribly good at hockey.
  • I like Niskanen (sp?) a lot. Can we trade, say, Paetsch… oh, wait. Um, MacArthur? Oh, wait… man, I think a lot of the albatrosses are gone! Who will we use as trade bait?!?
  • 10 takeaways by the Sabres to one from Dallas? I guess that’s how you get puck possession, eh?
  • Adam Mair won 73% of his faceoffs. Perhaps Goose’s broken wing has afforded him time to tutor his fellow centermen… although it appears Connolly and Ellis skipped that session, as both of their win percentages, well, sucked.

The Sabres play both Friday and Saturday nights, apparently both against Western Conference teams. Bring ’em on!



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