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Should Drew Stafford be worried? March 11, 2010

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Marc Mancari has played two very good games since being called up from the Pirates. Drew Stafford, who Mancari is basically replacing, has not been playing well this year – or, I would argue, last year either – at least based on the talent level he appears to have. Tyler Ennis also played well in his call-up, and Nathan Gerbe needs some seasoning, but has the raw talent to be a good NHL player.

If you’re Drew Stafford, are you worried about your roster spot? What do you guys think?

Here’s my take:

No, he shouldn’t be worried because –

  1. There will be room on the roster next season for him. Mair and Ellis are both UFAs – I doubt both will be re-signed, considering that at least one or two of the guys playing in Portland, including Mancari, may be ready to make the jump to the big leagues. Despite that, there should be room on the roster for him.
  2. For some reason Darcy Regier really seems to like him, and we all know what happens when Regier likes someone – they NEVER leave. I was shocked he actually unloaded Paetsch. I thought the kid was going to hang around forever drawing a paycheck for nothing. I’m not sure Ruff is as enamored with Stafford, and frankly, I don’t blame him. On most days I’d be hard-pressed not to smack him upside the head at least once.
  3. He has talent. That’s indisputable.

Yes, he should be worried because –

  1. You can never grow complacent in this league – there’s always at least one guy who’s looking over your shoulder waiting for you to get fat and happy.
  2. He doesn’t consistently use the talent he has.
  3. There are a lot of right wingers between the current Sabres and the future Sabres.

Conclusion: He shouldn’t be worried, but he shouldn’t be complacent.

Sabres play tomorrow! Wooooooo!



1. Steve - March 12, 2010

He shouldn’t be worried about being benched but he should be worried about being trade bait. If Mancari is ready to replace him, there’s not point in paying Staffy $2.3m next season.

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