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Sabres vs Thrashers 3/16/10 Postmortem March 16, 2010

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I hate playing the Thrashers. For a team that’s not very good they certainly give the Sabres fits.

Oy. It’s most of the way through the first right now (came to the game late). Miller has been PULLED? Ugh, the world is ending.


  • Wow, they scored on the power play! That’s a positive. Good boy, Pominville!
  • Nice job, Ellis. Look what standing in front of the net will get you? Listen up, boys!
  • They’re getting a lot of shots. That’s a positive. Work with me here, people.
  • Lalime is playing well. Miller was not playing well. WTH?
  • And apparently Mike Grier is fine. Huh. That ankle didn’t look good on the replay.
  • Toni Lydman has six shots on goal through two periods? Seriously? I’ll put that under “liked” simply because, well, he doesn’t take many shots, and he should.
  • Much as I like the lil’ scrappers on the fourth line, I’d prefer if our supposed “Top Six” forwards scored a little more often. That being said, yay Steve Montador! EDIT: Yay, Tim Kennedy!

Didn’t like:

  • Most of the first, which, admittedly, I did not actually watch after finding out it was 3-1.
  • Now was that really necessary, Rivet? I mean, I know you’ve slowed down but that guy didn’t even have the puck. Sheesh.
  • The parade to the penalty box is not amusing me.
  • Is that another stupid penalty for Adam Mair? By the way, Adam, are you confused about why you don’t get more ice time? I’m not.
  • Did Thomas Vanek just get thrown to the ground? Huh. He’s not huge, but he’s not a small man either…
  • Clarke MacArthur just blew a tire. That sucks. Oh, wait…..
  • Who thinks Paul Gaustad’s hand is not totally healed? ME ME ME! He hasn’t been over 45% in faceoff wins since he came back.
  • Harry Neale just noticed that Mike Grier is on the bench to start the third period. Apparently he didn’t notice the shifts Grier took after his injury.
  • Clarke MacArthur just blew a tire. That sucks. Oh, wait…..
  • Memo to Raffi Torres: You don’t have to try so hard. In fact, it’s probably better if you didn’t.
  • Memo to Derek Roy: “Top Six” forwards have a better faceoff win percentage than 35%. Just sayin’.
  • Awesome. Go down by one, take a penalty. Way to lead, Connolly.
  • I am mystified – MYSTIFIED – about why hockey teams don’t “play 60 minutes”. Seriously? Most of you have been playing hockey for 25+ years, and you haven’t figured out how to consistently TRY?
  • Um, Mair? Yeah… taking TWO dumb penalties in a game is not good.

I can’t freeging believe they lost this game. Toronto helps them out and how do the Sabres repay their neighbors to the North? They LOSE. Grrrrrr….

Back in action on Thursday.



1. Cynthia - March 16, 2010

Miller was playing horrid and seemed to have his head up his…er… his fanny but the team wasn’t playing any better in front of him. Goaltending change made a big difference. Maybe Lalime will repair some of the damage to his credibility by rescuing the best goalie in the world. LOL

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