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Sabres vs Lightning 3/18/10 Postmortem March 18, 2010

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I’m sick again. Sigh. I hope to make it through this game.


  • Good boy Rivet. Personally, I think it’s rarely a bad play to defend your teammate who is writhing on the ice. Yes, there are times when you want to save it for later, but if you do that too many times teams will think they can take advantage of you physically.
  • Nice job Pominville – I like where they’ve got Pominville standing in this new power play formation. He’s scored two goals from there, I think, since they moved him.
  • Kaleta takes a roughing penalty. I’m actually ok w/this one too since Stamkos will probably be looking over his shoulder for the rest of the game. Distracting the star player might be worth a two-minute kill.
  • Nice diving takeaway by Vanek on that power play.
  • Man, the guys really want Torres to score, don’t they? While I admire their altruism I would prefer they save it until they’ve got a 3 or 4-goal lead.
  • Wow, Niittymaki is giving up HUGE rebounds. The Sabres need to get more shots on him.
  • With four minutes to go in the first, the shots are 12 for the Sabres and four for the Lightning. I like it.
  • Great lead pass, Tallinder. He’s very good at that.
  • Ok, they’ve got a 3-o lead. They can start passing off to Torres now.
  • Say what you want about Pominville’s game going on the slide, but he’s got 20 goals and 14 more games to get more. Having a reliable, durable, responsible two-way player who doesn’t take many penalties and pots 20-25 goals a year doesn’t sound like a bad deal to me. NOTE: Hee hee – my phone’s autocorrect function recognizes “Pommer”.
  • Tampa is taking penalty after penalty because they aren’t trying as hard as the Sabres. Wow, that’s the first time I’ve equated “Sabres” with “trying” in a long time!
  • All of a sudden Lydman is a puck-moving d-man extraordinaire!
  • Yay! Chris Butler is allliiiiivvvvveeeeeeee!!!!
  • I love being able to hear the “Let’s Go Sabres” chant in enemy arenas. Not that TB has really been an enemy arena for the Sabres, since there are oftentimes far more Sabres fans in the crowd than Lightning fans. I’m ok with that.
  • I love when RJ gets so excited he screeches like a girl.
  • Tallinder seems to be a very “head up” hockey player. He doesn’t get caught w/his head down going through the neutral zone. That’s a very good thing. A concussed Tallinder would make me, and Tyler Myers, very sad. I’d hate to see Myers’ puppy dog eyes. They’d kill me.
  • I don’t think Roy will mind me yelling “Shorty!” in his direction this time…
  • I know I shouldn’t be greedy, but let’s get Pominville a hat trick and Torres a goal or two. K?
  • A little bit more than halfway through the game, and the faceoff win ratio is two-to-one in favor of the Sabres. The Goose is loose!
  • I don’t really have comments about the third period so far. The Sabres are “maintaining”. I guess I’m ok w/that.
  • Yay Pominville! Extra treats for you!

Didn’t like:

  • Let me go on record with this: If I was the salesman at the Volkswagen dealership I would’ve punched that woman in the face the second or third time she punched me. “Punchbug that!” Heh.
  • Pominville just got a penalty! I thought I felt the world tilt on its axis!
  • What the h-e-double hockey sticks happened to Tyler Myers’ face? I was hoping he was gonna fight during that Stamkos/Kaleta scrum. I’m guessing that’s where the damage to Myers’ face came from… oh, wait, maybe it was during the game. I seem to remember blood streaming out of his nose. Did someone on Twitter mention he broke it? Owie.
  • Seriously, Cellino & Barnes – apparently the advertising is working, because you keep doing ads, but for most of us they just make us hate you more, no matter what worthy charity you’ve giving money too (and heavily promoting yourself doing so).

Well, the “Liked/Didn’t like” bullets were heavily skewed in favor of “Liked”. They played a good game!

On to Miami, where it appears Vokoun is falling apart at the seams. Exxxxxcellent!


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