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Great players don’t always make great coaches… March 22, 2010

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I was taking a gander at the Western Conference standings and I saw Phoenix in second place. I’d heard they were doing well, but WOW. They’ve won their last nine games. Impressive. That got me to thinking: what’s behind the success of the Coyotes this season?

I looked up Wayne Gretzky’s coaching record with the Coyotes, and here’s what I found:

Games | Wins | Losses | OT Losses

328          | 143     |   161        |         24

Then I looked up (see how hard I work for you people?) the record for the Coyotes this season:

Games | Wins | Losses | OT Losses

73            |   46     |     22        |          5

I did some calculations – frightening, I know – and come up with percentages of how often the team got points under Gretzky and then this season.

Under Gretzky: .473%

This season: .658%

How significant has the coaching change been to the Coyotes’ success? It would be oversimplifying the situation to say that it’s been the primary catalyst, but I think you can argue it’s made a difference.

It just goes to show that sometimes great players don’t make great coaches.



1. Phil - March 22, 2010

Dave Tippett has been a HUGE revelation for the ‘Yotes. Plus, the team has been built just right for once, and has great goaltending. All that organization needs to do is start scouting and drafting right, and handling it’s prospects, and they’ll be a respectable franchise.

Of course, if no buyer is to be had that will keep the team in Phoenix, they’ll most likely be moving back to Winnipeg (read Ken Campbell’s recent Cuts on THN’s site). Wouldn’t that be something to cheer about!

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