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Sabres vs Bruins 3/29/10 Postmortem March 29, 2010

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Yeah, so I’ll admit I didn’t even know the Sabres were playing tonight until around 10:30am. For some reason I had it in my head they weren’t playing again until Wednesday (and yes, I know that’s their next home game, I just thought it was their next anything game)… but I guess they have to make up those games-in-hand at some point, eh?


  • While I’m not happy Tim Connolly and Thomas Vanek are hurt, I’m curious to see how the kids do. UPDATE: And Mancari takes the first penalty of the game. That’s not the way to get the coach to notice you, big guy.
  • I love it when the puck glances off opposing d-men and into the net.
  • And Ryan Miller stands tall on the penalty shot. I was a little worried when he started to go down before Sturm made his move, but he was ok.
  • I can’t decide if this should be under “Liked” or “Didn’t like”: Thomas is pulled in favor of Rask after letting in three goals on 13 shots. See, here’s the thing – I really like Tim Thomas. I think he’s a righteous dude and I’m sorry to see when he doesn’t play well. That being said, yay! The Sabres chased another goaltender. Say what you want about how the Sabres totally rely on their defense and Miller, blah blah blah… but they’ve chased their fair share of goaltenders.
  • Here’s our puck-moving defenseman, Toni Lydman…
  • Heh. Gerbe just tried to pull Chara off a guy during a scrumb in front of the net. He came up to about Chara’s waist.
  • On a completely unrelated to hockey note, I bought some strawberries at Tops and they’re surprisingly delicious for this time of year.
  • Upon hearing Thomas got pulled, my hubby said, “It wasn’t his fault – if they’re going to pull anyone it should’ve been Wideman.” Good point. Not gonna happen, but good point. I hope Wideman buys Thomas a nice a steak tonight.
  • For a little guy, Ennis has got some mad puck control skillz.
  • WHAT a save on Recchi. And that’s good, because I really hate Recchi.

Didn’t like:

  • Pat Kaleta hurt his thumb and had surgery. He’s done until at least the playoffs. Boooooo. My theory is that he broke his thumb when he repeatedly punched that rookie in the head in the game last week.
  • Craig Rivet has gotten noticeably slower this season. I wouldn’t be broken-hearted if he didn’t play for us next year. The only question is: who will take the captaincy? *insert scary music here*
  • Pommer takes a shot off his foot. I swear that kid’s like the Energizer Bunny – you just can’t stop him. Tim Connolly blocks a shot and goes down like he’s in the middle of a hail of gunfire; Jason Pominville winces, finishes his shift, and skates back to the bench.
  • Geez, Ennis was 145 pounds when he was drafted and is only 160 now? No wonder he looks bite-sized! As I tell my hubby, “I could fit him in my pocket!” (and probably have room for Tim Kennedy and Nathan Gerbe in there…)
  • Derek Roy gets pulled down a lot. I understand that, but he’s got to stop bitching at the refs when he doesn’t get a call.
  • It doesn’t seem like Stafford should be so easy to take down…
  • Well that was a fluky second goal for the Bruins. Let’s not give this game away, boys.

They held on, and that’s good. Up next: Florida. Let’s keep climbing!



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