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Sabres vs Leafs 4/1/10 Postmortem April 1, 2010

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Ah, the Leafs. The team to cure all your ills.


  • Unfortunately Stafford will only get an assist for the Roy goal, but he was the one who made it happen. How ’bout you keep doing that kinda stuff, big guy?
  • I’m just not worried much anymore, even when the Sabres are down. They haven’t given me reason to be lately.
  • Nice drop pass by Pominville to Montador, who made no mistake and snapped a nice quick wrister home.
  • Heh. Miller stoning a Leaf on a breakaway gives me the warm and fuzzies.
  • Killed off a 5-on-3. Yay!

Didn’t like:

  • It’s nearly eight minutes into the game and I haven’t seen anything that warrants a bullet point yet. I don’t think THAT’S good.
  • You know, I could’ve sworn tripping was a penalty…
  • Is it just me or is it weird Bucky Gleason is the one who does the Inside the NHL column and chat for the Buffalo News? I mean, does he really follow hockey every day? He seems like a dabbler to me.
  • Wow, total chaos in front of the Sabres net results in a second goal against. And what will Miller doing flopping like a salmon during spawning season? Settle down…
  • Ok, seriously. You guys are gonna lose this game. You’ve got less than four minutes to wake up and tie it and then win. As much as these endings can be exciting, let’s just go ahead and sew this one up.
  • Holy crap. They couldn’t even find a check worthy of the Carubba Collision.

This game just didn’t inspire me to want to comment very much. Oh well. Next game is Saturday vs the Habs. Are they still in the playoffs? Some of these teams have gotta fall out of contention soon, right?



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