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Chris Butler vs Andrej Sekera – who’s gonna win? April 2, 2010

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Lindy Ruff has said repeatedly that he wants either Chris Butler or Andrej Sekera to make him choose – to play so well he can’t take the guy out of the lineup. I haven’t seen either one play well enough to do that, but if you had to pick only one to play, who would you pick? Let’s look at some stats:

Butler: GP- 55, Goals- 1, Assists- 20, -12

Sekera: GP- 46, Goals- 4, Assists- 6, Even

So Butler has played more games, Sekera has more goals, Butler has more assists, Sekera has a better plus/minus. Huh. The competition looks pretty close, doesn’t it?

Or does it? *scary music*

Which is more important? Goals? Assists? Plus/minus?

When performing your analysis at home, keep in mind that Butler plays almost exclusively with Craig Rivet. Sekera sometimes does, but not as often as Butler. Rivet is a -8, and let’s face it, he’s slowed down this season. A lot. So how much is Butler covering up for Rivet?

That being said, Sekera was supposed to be the next coming of Brian Campbell. Of course, with the way he’s playing right now, he is… *rim shot* Yet Butler has twice as many points as Sekera does (with nine more games played).

Both play on the power play, but neither of them have any PP goals…

Given all this, who will come out on top? I don’t know, and only time will tell, but if you have an opinion I’d love to hear it!

Sabres play the Habs tomorrow night. It sounds like Halak stood on his head tonight. Fabulous…



1. powerslave - April 5, 2010

Personally, I think they’ll both be fine. One COULD actually be used as trade bait this summer, as I fully expect Mike Weber to come in and give this Sabres defense a physical, dependable boost, but I’d keep both of them and dump (release or trade) Rivet. He is too slow, and looks like he’s always on his last legs. Montador should be our 7th D-man, as he is not consistent enough to play every night. Also, Lydman should be allowed to walk into free agency, while they should resign Tallinder, as he (or is Myers the reason) has revived his career in Buffalo. I would also go after either Paul Martin, Anton Volchenkov or Dan Hamhuis this summer, as I believe we need some new blood on D. My top 6 for 2010-11:


Monty is #7 D.

2. LargeTimHortons - April 5, 2010

BUTLER. The kid could be the next Jay McKee, don’t mess him up now. He suffers being paired with Rivet. He gets no plus + for being on the ice for PP goals..if he did he would be a plus player easily. He would benefit from a boxing lesson , like Rivet did early i his career. Sekera has been more physical since the Olympics…but I think Butler needs a shot of coach’s confidence right now. He should be a Sabres for the next 10 years…give him playoff expereince this season. We won’t get past the Capitals, so use this season to build for our cup run of 2010-2011

3. Joe from NYC - April 2, 2010

I’d have to go Sekera. Mainly because he proved he could play during the Olympics when at times, he outshined Chara for the Slovks.

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