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Sabres vs Canadiens 4/3/10 Postmortem April 3, 2010

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Well, the Islanders were kind enough to knock off Ottawa earlier today, so the Sabres’ fate is in their own hands. Let’s hope they don’t play like they did in the last game.


  • Sabres seem to be in a skating mood tonight. Yep, they’ve got some hustle in their bustles.
  • Nice play by Torres on that first power play to take the puck away from the Montreal guy and then re-start the rush.
  • Miller is playing very well in the first half of this period so far. With any luck they won’t need him to stand on his head.
  • Ennis is having another good game.
  • So do you think Lindy made the guys hold hands in a big line so no one got lost on their walk?
  • Myers just took one stride and was about eight feet away from the guy trying to take the puck away from him. Heh.
  • Tim Kennedy – penalty killing? Eh, why the heck not?

Didn’t like:

  • The Blue Light “Refreshment Duo” commercials are beyond dumb.
  • While Miller is playing very well, the team is relying on him too much.
  • Adam Mair takes his dumb penalty of the night. At least it wasn’t in the last two minutes of the game when his team is down by one…
  • Glad the Sabres survived the first period. Eesh.
  • The penalty killing doesn’t look that great tonight.
  • I have a headache. I think I’m dehydrated from the heat of the day. On April 3rd. In Buffalo.
  • The Roy line is having a tough night.
  • Ok, Habs fans, settle down. Your team is up by two goals. Let’s not get too loud with the “Ole” song or the standing ovation for the team at the end of the second. *rolling eyes*
  • Missed much of the third when my parents’ real estate agent came over to talk houses. I suppose that’s a good excuse for missing some of the game… 😉
  • What is WRONG with you guys? Don’t you WANT to win the division?
  • Are you guys not familiar with Cammalleri? He’s pretty good, just so you know. Leaving him alone five feet in front of your net – not a hot idea.
  • Wow, Lapierre just turtled in that fight with Montador. Montador was at the end of his shift and he still kicked his butt.

Alrighty then, another game is needed to try to clinch the division. Sigh… This is not the optimum way to go into the playoffs.



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