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Sabres vs Rangers 4/6/10 Postmortem April 6, 2010

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Full disclosure: I’m starting this post with four minutes left in the first period. I’ve watched most of the period, but I’ve got a killer headache and I’m not sure how much I will comment on tonight’s game. That being said…


  • Derek Roy, earning his “A” with his 24th on the power play. Yay Roy! Yay power play!
  • Derek Roy, earning his… oh, wait, I already said that. Oh well, good job defending the jolly blond giant. And WOW, later in the game he pulled Shelley off of Miller. Roy might be my new Clarke MacArthur – I can’t quit him.
  • And the monkey has left the building… Drew Stafford scores his first since February 5th.
  • Have I mentioned I LOVE the chemistry between Ennis and Pominville?
  • So Jochen Hecht has over 20 goals on the season… I know he makes a fair amount of money but considering everything I’m pretty happy to see him score that many (in addition to the fact he’s not a defensive liability, he can play in any situation, etc).
  • The Sabres now have four players with 20 goals or more. Watch tomorrow for a post on why I think Ryan Miller is not the be-all-end-all of the Sabres.
  • That being said, Ryan Miller, cool as a cucumber on a 4-on-1. Nice.
  • Toni Lydman – where has THAT shot been your whole Sabres career? Oy.
  • Tyler Myers has a really nice roster picture, which doesn’t happen a lot, especially with the younger guys.
  • Wow, Harry Neale actually did something funny! I give props where they’re due.
  • What a goal by Ennis! What a pass by Montador!
  • Tallinder is such a smooth skater. He just glides along the ice…

Didn’t like:

  • What’s with the dumb penalties, boys? What say we cut that out?
  • And those dumb penalties cost them. Dummies. Bad Staffy, bad!
  • That wasn’t control of the puck! Stupid refs. I think Ruff might have kittens soon between the penalties and the refs.
  • I seriously only noticed Gaustad was in the lineup about halfway through the game. I didn’t notice Rivet wasn’t in the lineup until it was mentioned. I did notice there seemed to be an awful lot of “A” on Sabre sweaters. You’d think that would’ve been a tip-off, but like I said, I’ve got a headache and my powers of observation are muddled.
  • Memo to Jody Shelley: If you have injured my main man Pominville you’re dead. You hear me? Dead.
  • Awww, poor Gerbe. Don’t hurt him! He’s only ‘ittle!

AAAANNNNDDDD they finally clinch the division. Take THAT, Ottawa! Phhhppppt. (Yes, I’m 12.)

I am having a get-together (Tastefully Simple party – deeeelicious food & drink) on Thursday, so I’ll be watching late. Don’t hold your breath waiting for my witty commentary; you will turn blue and die.



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