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Playoffs and injuries and Ottawa, oh my! April 11, 2010

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Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling inordinately better about the Sabres after watching Thomas Vanek them beat Ottawa last night. And by watching I mean seeing the highlights, since I forgot to set my DVR while I was out at a concert.

By the way, if you like a capella singing – and who doesn’t? – check out the following two groups: Straight No Chaser and The Buffalo Chips. You won’t be sorry. There’s also a nice female a capella group from Tufts University called The Jackson Jills, and The Buffalo Chips have a sister group called The Royal Pitches. Truthfully, and it’s going to sound mean of me to say, but the guys are better. All four are worth checking out though.

Back to hockey…

So the playoffs start this week, and who the Sabres play will be determined by whether or not they win tonight against New Jersey. A Sabres win in regulation locks up second place in the conference and most likely the Canadiens as a first round playoff opponent. If the Sabres lose in regulation or overtime/shootout, they will stay in third place and face the Bruins, who, incidentally, scored THREE, count ’em THREE, short-handed goals in ONE POWER PLAY last night. Here’s the video.

Injuries. Well. What do we think about the injuries? Am I the only one worried about Tim Connolly’s health going into the grind that is the NHL playoffs? And what’s with Jochen Hecht? He was apparently spotted eating at PF Chang’s earlier in the week, so by all accounts at least one of his hands still works. After all, no one mentioned him gripping his chopsticks with his undoubtedly gnarly toes. (Wouldn’t you guess most hockey players have gnarly toes? They stuff those things into skates that are too small for many of them. Why? I have no idea, but they do it for a reason. Moving on…)

I’m ok with playing either Montreal or Boston. The Sabres can prevail in a seven-game series against either opponent.

I’ll actually be able to watch the entire game live tonight! Woo-hoo!



1. jim pilgram - April 11, 2010

The NHL Playoffs are among us and finally are the 8 match-ups are set. I can’t wait for the games to get underway. The Western Conference is so strong with seven teams who made it into the playoffs with 100 points or more. That is incredible! The Eastern Conference is not has strong with only four teams getting to 100+ Pts.

The NHL Playoffs are so much better than the regular season… much more fast paced, more action, and so much more on the line. For a preview and prediction of all match-ups go to: http://www.lionsdenu.com/nhl-playoffs-eastern-conference-round-one-preview-predictions/
Who do you think will win it all? The Capitals dominated the East but anything can happen when the teams hit the ice. And what do you think will take place in the crazy Western Conference? I love it.

2. Cynthia - April 11, 2010

Hockey players are used to wearing skates too small for them because they grow so fast (they’re athletes– BIG guys) their parents can’t afford to keep buying them new skates every year. Same with other gear. Hockey is an expensive sports for kids!

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