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Sabres vs Devils 4/11/10 Postmortem April 11, 2010

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This game is not as important as the Flyers/Rangers game that’s in the third period right now, but having home ice through at least the second round would be awfully nice. Hey Marty – have another Sprite! May it make you sluggish…


  • Yay! Kaleta’s back! Dude must be a madman – he’s got to still have a cast on that thumb, right?
  • Heh. Tyler Myers pushes a guy. Guy is now scheduled to land next Thursday and was heard screaming, “I can see my house froommm heeerrrreeeee.”
  • Yay! Roy’s back! Just don’t take any dumb retaliatory penalties.
  • Pretty sure Elias just passed back to his D just so Kaleta wouldn’t bowl him over like a duckpin. (Look it up, people.)
  • Vanek reallyyy didn’t want to have one of the other guys finish with more goals than him. And that’s just fine with me.
  • Oh RJ. You slay me. “In his grill”.
  • And RJ finally tells Harry to f-off, basically, at the beginning of the third. ’bout time.

Didn’t like:

  • Having forwards dropping like flies is not a good way to go into the playoffs.
  • Man, I hope the guys play for Lalime like they do for Miller. Once or twice would be nice…
  • I’m shocked, SHOCKED, that Grier couldn’t find that rebound.
  • Uh, I thought it was a penalty to punch someone in the side of the head with your blocker. No? Excellent, I hope Pat Lalime is taking notes.
  • So, Torres? Are you ever going to score a goal? I suppose if you want to save them all for the playoffs, that’s ok, but I’d feel better knowing you CAN score a goal.
  • Kennedy spends a lot of time on his ass on the ice. Dude needs a cookie or three.
  • There’s no way that was a brand-new mom in that Women and Childrens Hospital commercial. Most of us looked like an extra from Night of the Living Dead after giving birth.
  • Bad Grier. Bad! Two veterans take bad penalties in the last 2.5 minutes of the game. Not cool.

We can beat Boston. I have faith. Go Sabres!



1. Richard - April 11, 2010

What did RJ say to Harry? I missed it…

manda903 - April 12, 2010

Harry was saying something about NJ pulling the goaltender I think and RJ responded along the lines of “But Harry, NJ only needs one point, why would they do that?” Harry kept arguing, and RJ kept saying “But they only need one point!”

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