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Don’t push that panic button yet… April 18, 2010

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Look, people, I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about the Sabres losing Game Two on Saturday. It’s ONE GAME. Give them the chance to right the ship – only the rats should be jumping now.

Let them make it up to you, Buffalo fans. Have faith in them.

If they mosey their way through the entire series and lose in the first round, then I’ll be right next to you calling for changes to the roster, coaching, or management. But for now, I’d rather say…

Let’s go Buff-a-lo!



1. Dave - April 19, 2010

All season long I’ve wondered about Buffalo’s (lack of a) breakout and zone entry plan. Skill lines shouldn’t have to rely on the dump and chase as often as Buffalo does and they seem to be forced into too many hail mary style passes from behind their own net.

With the Sabres speed and agility, they SHOULD be a puck possession style team but instead they seem to play like a group of pick up players who aren’t familiar enough with each other to make passes to open space and know someone will be there.

That, plus the fact that buffalo is just too small at forward and too slow on defense means that I have little hope for a sustained playoff run…

I really hope I’m wrong…

2. Cynthia - April 19, 2010

After two games, EVERY team in the play-offs had lost one and won one. Every one!

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