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Sabres vs Bruins 4/19/10 Postmortem April 19, 2010

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Well, here it is. Game Three. Staffy’s back, Vanek is not. Let’s do this!


  • Nice move by Torres and Grier actually finishes for once. That quieted the crowd down a little (for now).
  • Kennedy challenges Chara. Probably not smart, but the kid’s got cojones.
  • Getting shots through is good. Nice job, Myers.
  • Pucks are sticking to Miller. Let’s continue that trend.
  • I like few things better than Miroslav Satan looking sad. Well, not entirely true – I really enjoy it when Chris Neil, Sean Avery, or Dan Carcillo is sad.
  • Let’s hope the scrum here with six minutes left in the third wakes the Sabres up. No big loss to have Rivet and Sekera in the box…

Didn’t like:

  • Too many shots getting through. We all knew Boston was going to come out flying, but really guys, blocking or preventing a shot or two would be lovely.
  • Not a good mistake to make, Sekera. Aaannnnddddd it’s in our net.
  • Hey, Tim Connolly, maybe if you hold onto that puck a little longer EVERYONE will know your plans for it.
  • Does anyone remember the TV show “Beauty and the Beast”? Shawn Thornton totally looks like the Beast from that show.
  • I do believe I may have to lie down for the remainder of the game. Stupid cold. So much harder to type when horizontal.
  • Ok, guys, seriously. How many of your teammates are going to get maimed before Boychuk is very, very sorry?
  • Know how I sent during the last live blog that the power play was mud? Guess what? Still is.
  • Lots of penalties do not a win make, just so you know, guys.
  • Tim Connolly – you are not an island. You have teammates. Use them.
  • That must’ve been an awfully high “high stick” to catch Tyler Myers.
  • The Sabres puckhandling tonight reminds me of those clown cars when they do Chinese fire drills.
  • And in a surprise to no one, the Bruins score the go-ahead goal. The Sabres look – intimidated… disinterested. I don’t even know how to describe it.

Ok then. I’m still not panicking but I am annoyed. Let’s try to TRY next time, boys.



1. Cynthia - April 19, 2010

I’d call it intimidated. They were being banged all over the ice and one after another of our Sabres were limping back to the bench after dirty hits.

We had a couple of our big guys out with injuries and the little guys tried but kept getting muscled off the puck. And then muscled into the boards. Poor little Tim Kennedy does the best he can with Chara but let’s face it– he ain’t gonna get far.

I hope next game they come out and hit the Bruins all over the ice.

2. Richard - April 19, 2010

Same old, same old. The more determined team won the game. It took the Sabres almost 3 entire games to get mad. When your best hitter is little Tim Kennedy, how do you expect to win? The Bruins only have one 20 goal scorer. But they want to win. Come on, Sabres, wake up!

3. Kathleen - April 19, 2010


Montador is FIRED. It probably wouldn’t have made a difference in the end, but stupid, so so stupid..


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