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Will, or lack thereof April 20, 2010

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Like many Sabres fans, I don’t understand what happened last night, or, let’s face it, what’s been happening since the playoffs began. I just don’t get it. I’m not a professional athlete, so I have no idea how I would respond to the challenges they face, but they chose this life, so I don’t feel sorry for them.

So what’s going on? Where is this “WILL” that Lindy Ruff has been going on and on about?

The Sabres look physically intimidated. Not all of them, obviously – Mair, Grier, Gaustad et al don’t look scared, but Roy, Pominville, Sekera, Tallinder, Ennis, and many others are not forcing their will on the Bruins, they are having the Bruins’ will forced on them. Their shots and play are from the outside, they’re losing battles in the corners. The Bruins are not exactly the Broad Street Bullies, guys.

My dad has told a story (more than once) about when we lived in Binghamton, and he went to a Broome Dusters hockey game. He said the team was playing horribly, and at one point a guy in the crowd stood up and yelled “Don’t you guys WANT to win?” The Broome County Arena is not large, and I’m quite sure many of the players heard him. That’s what I want to yell at the Sabres. I want to shake them and say,

“You’re back in the playoffs! It’s been three years! You all say playoffs are what makes the hockey season fun, and yet you’re lollygagging your way through them like you’re entitled to something. Here’s a wakeup call: you aren’t. Everyone starts the playoffs at 0-0, and now you’re down two games to one. The season is going to slip away fast unless you do something about it. You’re all professional athletes, with professional athlete-sized egos. Yes, even you, Pominville. Do you really want your coaching staff, management, and fans calling your competitive will into question?”

As I’ve mentioned, I am a walking Little Mary Sunshine about the Sabres. I give them the benefit of the doubt time and time again, and if I’m disgusted with them I can’t imagine what y’all are feeling right now. Despite their recent play, I have hope. So, once again, I’ll say:

Let’s go Buff-a-lo!


1. Richard - April 20, 2010

My take on this is they are just too small. When the league changed the rules (no clutching, etc) a few years ago, the Sabres came up with a group of small sppedy guys that ran circles around the opposition and were pretty successful. Then came the playoffs, and the refs “let them play”, meaning they quit calling the interference. Now the response of the other teams has been to draft big speedy guys, while the Sabres draft Nathan Gerbe. They get pushed around by Boston because Boston is bigger, and just as fast.
But I agree with Amanda- their hearts don’t seem to be in it, either. And I don’t understand why that is.

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