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Sabres vs Bruins 4/21/10 Postmortem April 21, 2010

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Ok, so I didn’t see much of the first 10 minutes of the game, since I was on baby-washing duty (almost threw her out with the bath water!), but I did notice one player: Cody McCormick. I like it. I like it a lot.


  • RJ mentioned somebody challenging Myers. My first thought: “Do you really think that’s wise?”
  • Oh, noooo, we’re not getting on Chara’s nerves… he seems perfectly sedate.
  • Glad to see that so far they aren’t getting out-muscled.
  • Some of the guys are sporting fairly impressive beards already. Some *coughTheTwoTylerscough* are not.
  • Wooo, Steve Montador! With a great screen by the “large human” Paul Gaustad.
  • I think Pominville is bionic.
  • Lindy is giving the fourth line a lot of ice time. I think he likes McCormick. I would imagine he’s Lindy’s kind of player.
  • Miller looks confident tonight. Hopefully he’ll have reason to continue to be confident.
  • Ennis has excellent puck handling skills. And he’s a hustler too!
  • And we’re going to oooovvvveeerrrrtttiiiimmmeeee…
  • Game-saving stop by Miller. And again…

Didn’t like:

  • The Bruins are amassing an impressive pile in my doghouse. First Boychuk, then Sobotka, then Lucic…
  • Goose, Goose, Goose. Giveaways in your own zone are bad. That one giveaway created an entire clusterfudge.
  • Huh. I’m a little surprised Sekera is still in the lineup.
  • Does Lucic do anything besides hit people? And why did he try to undress Rivet during the fight? Maybe he thinks Rivet is cute.
  • Heh. Sobotka had Myers beat and then blows a tire. Heh.
  • Lucic experiences the Kaleta Collision, and Buffalo takes another penalty. Both calls – this one and Cody McCormick’s penalty – are tough calls.
  • Normally I’m not one of those people who screams “Shooot!” but let me give you a short memo, Tim Connolly: SHOOT.
  • So what’s up with the Sabres suddenly blowing leads in the third? I am not a fan.
  • Did I mention I hate overtime? I feel dread. Sick dread.
  • If he scores I might change my opinion, but right now I think Connolly sucks.
  • Too many men on the ice penalty? Oh noooooooo…

Well then. On to Friday night. I’ll be out of town at a conference, so I won’t see the game. This is quite a hole to dig out of…



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