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Sabres vs Bruins 4/26/10 Game 6 Postmortem April 26, 2010

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Game 6. Another do or die game.


  • I love the line of Roy, Pominville and Ennis. Not sure if I’ve mentioned that already but I do. And as soon as I say that Ruff changes the line to Roy, Pominville, and Vanek.
  • Kennedy plays like he’s 10 feet tall. But kind of like with my daughter, I fear for his fearlessness.
  • They’re getting good chances. Hopefully one will go in.
  • I can’t help but think Ennis must’ve looked just, well, wrong, in the AHL.
  • They can keep forgetting about Gerbe. That’s perfectly all right with me.
  • Six foot 4,000 inches? Hee. Good one, RJ.
  • The Bruins must be DYING to know Kaleta scored that goal.
  • There hasn’t been a real good shot by the Bruins in quite a while. Let’s get ’em frustrated so they start doing stupid stuff.
  • That move around Wideman by Vanek reminds me of that part of Top Gun where Wolfman is describing their dogfight against Viper during training: “We went like this, he went like that. I said to Hollywood, ‘Where’d he go?’ Hollywood says, ‘Where’d who go?'”
  • Man, Wideman is NOT having a good night. Fine by me.

Didn’t like:

  • Going 0 for 16 in the series is not a good way to win it, just in case you guys were not clear on that point. Update: 0 for 17. Oh wait, 0 for 18.
  • Apparently the Bruins did not get the memo about how mad I will be if they hit poor ‘ittle Pominville.
  • Freeging Recchi. Eesh. That dude gets on my nerves.
  • Calling Nathan Gerbe a “tiny tot” was seriously uncool, Bucky Gleason.
  • Isn’t it a penalty to strangle an opponent with your stick? No? Huh.
  • Bruins fans are serenading Rask even when he has nothing to do with the Sabres not scoring. Dumb fans.
  • The next time you go to Wegmans be sure to check out the milk cartons with a picture of Tim Connolly on the side.
  • Do these fans really think they can rattle Ryan “Zen” Miller? Pshaw.
  • One more way-too-long pass attempt by you, Connolly, and you’re dead to me. Dead.
  • And Adam Mair takes another bad penalty. Shocking. And four minutes to boot! When he screws up, he does it big.
  • Since when did Miro Satan back check?
  • Oh, Pominville. Every time you miss another little piece of me dies.

Aaaannnddd apparently no one had the will. Awesome.

On to next year…

I will be posting over the summer, but probably not as much. While the playoffs continue I’ll do 2-4 a week.



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