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Caps vs Habs Game 7 Playoffs Postmortem April 28, 2010

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Yes, I know this isn’t a Sabres game, but hey, the Sabres choked, so I’m gonna watch what promises to be a highly-entertaining game and make my usual witty observations… I’ve got a bottle of Smirnoff Black Cherry riding on the Habs.

  • So wait, you’re telling me that you want soldiers to come back and dream about driving a truck? Not that there’s anything wrong with being a truck driver, but don’t many of them do an awful lot of that while they’re in the military? I’d want a little variety…
  • I can’t decide if Brian Engblom or Barry Melrose has a better mullet. Might have to put it to a vote – your thoughts?
  • We’re supposed to think the guy in the Suburu was hit head-on, right? Not that he rear-ended someone at a high rate of speed? Cuz then I don’t feel so sympathetic.
  • Habs are surviving right now, but I’m not surprised the Caps are throwing everything they have at them. The Caps REALLY want to score first.
  • You know, they always say size can be a detriment in the NHL, but look at all the success stories: Gionta, St. Louis, Fleury (Theo edition)… Big size can be a detriment too, but it’s not discussed nearly as much.
  • Wow. These guys owe Halak a steak dinner FOREVER.
  • Hey, it’s Dominic Moore? Is he not scoring for Montreal now?
  • Whoa! With the shots, what, 19-1 in favor of the Caps, Montreal scores the first goal. Huge.
  • The Caps are getting shots, but they’re not getting good chances. That doesn’t bode well for their chances of prevailing.
  • Stay classy, lady w/ the tinsel wig.
  • Wow, the AO giveaways are atrocious. Dude, you have teammates.
  • The Caps finally score a goal and it’s disallowed. I’m having a tough time not smirking. Bruce Boudreau is having kittens.
  • The Caps seem like they’re missing their hustle and most definitely their bustle. Reminds me of the Sabres, and that’s not a good thing.
  • Varlamov is forced to turtle when the Habs crash the net. They’re not going to get a penalty call on the crosscheck, btw.
  • Holy crap. 36 to 9 in blocked shots? Wow. I guess the Habs want this one.
  • Laich finally gets one in, and it’s a game!
  • Aaannnddd here’s the game-changing penalty. I’ve been waiting for it, and the refs did not disappoint.

WOW. What a series. Halak was unreal. Let’s see what happens in the second round!



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