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“Flower” shuts out Montreal?!? May 5, 2010

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Full disclosure: I like the Pittsburgh Penguins – they’re my second-favorite team, distinctly behind my beloved Buffalo Sabres, however. I like the makeup of the team, the management style, and that though the stars like Sid and Malkin do more than their share of scoring, other guys are capable of picking up the slack. However, I do not have a particular fondness for Marc-Andre Fleury.

Sure, he’s a nice guy, he’s a fun guy, he has freaky eyebrows, but his goaltending style? Eesh. It’s all over the map (or the ice, in this case). He flops around the goal crease like a directionally-challenged salmon swimming upriver. I can just picture Ryan Miller at the other end of the ice watching him and mumbling, “What’s THAT dude’s problem?”

Yes, I’m aware he’s won a Cup. Yes, I’m aware he took Pittsburgh to the conference finals the year before. But I don’t think he’s a great goaltender, and certainly not an elite goaltender.

My point?

It’s not like Montreal is an offensive juggernaut, but Fleury SHUT THEM OUT. He had a lot of help from the entire team playing defensively in front of him, obviously. (Do I hear the wind rushing by, a whisper of “That’s what “the system” is supposed to look like” just barely reaching my ears? Nah.)

But Fleury still shut them out. Apparently the apoplectic method of goaltending is effective sometimes. Just don’t tell Ryan “Zen” Miller that…



1. Richard - May 5, 2010

I think it was more a team effort than the goaltender. I would love to see Montreal and Boston in the conference final, but I don’t think Montreal can get there.

2. Philip - May 5, 2010

Tom Barraso also had shutouts for the Penguins during a Cup-winning campaign…with guys named Mario and Jaromir in front of him 😉

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