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Playoffs update, from my point of view May 6, 2010

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  1. Detroit and Philly are done like dinner. Stick a fork in them. Take them out back and shoot them. Put them out to pasture. Row the boat back to shore. Ok, I’m done. Moving on…
  2. Montreal is not going to win the series, but Pittsburgh is certainly not rolling over them.
  3. Pittsburgh will then play Boston for the Eastern Conference title. Pittsburgh will win.
  4. The Canucks/Blackhawks series is completely up in the air as far as I’m concerned. Yes, the Blackhawks lead the series, but Vancouver isn’t going to fold up shop. This could be a very exciting seven-game series.
  5. So that leaves San Jose playing either Vancouver or Chicago for the Western Conference title. I’ve never understood why San Jose seems to fold in the playoffs every year, but maybe this year will be different.
  6. And finally, Detroit WON’T be in the Stanley Cup finals. I think we can all give a hearty “Yaaayyyyyyyy!” for that. Personally, I’d be happy with either Vancouver-Pittsburgh or Chicago-Pittsburgh, but I’d rather see the Canucks make it. I am rubbed the wrong way by Pat Kane, Jonathan Toews, et al. Even Marion Hossa, who I’ve always liked as a player, seems like a jerk now that he’s playing in Chicago. I’m sure it’s a skewed perception, but it’s mine, and I can have whatever perception I want. Whew!


1. Cynthia - May 6, 2010

Why bother playing if you have it all figured out? LOL

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