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San Jose advances, for now May 9, 2010

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If I had any money I wouldn’t put it on San Jose ending their choking streak. However, their chances of doing so become better with each passing blood-filled game between Vancouver and Chicago.

So for now, I’ll say this: Congratulations, San Jose.  You just gained yourself a ton of fans throughout NHL-land by eliminating Detroit.

Also, Patrick Marleau, rest up – when the Sabres sign you I want you be in the best health possible./dream sequence

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there. It’s a tough job, but we were biologically bred to do it!



1. Steve - May 10, 2010

They don’t end their reputation as chokers by making it to the conference finals? Do they have to win the cup, or just make it to the finals?

manda903 - May 10, 2010

Considering their record in the regular season the past few years, making it to the conference finals should have been a given. They don’t have to win the Cup, but finally making it past the first or second round is not cause for me to take the “choker” label off them.

Just my opinion, of course…

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