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What to do about Zack Kassian? June 1, 2010

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So Zack Kassian got arrested over the weekend during a bar fight. I’m beginning to think the boy has an anger management problem./sarcasm

If you were Darcy Regier, what would you do? The kid is supremely talented but seems to have a supremely large chip on his shoulder too. He could get into a lot of trouble in the NHL if he doesn’t get his emotions under control.

Is it worth it to keep him around and attempt to fix his problems? If he can harness that emotion and learn to let it out at more appropriate times he could be a huge asset. Maybe he would “man up” a few of the other guys. Pat Kaleta can’t do it by himself.

My thought – get him into mandatory anger management counseling and give him a stern talking to. A suggested script:

Darcy: Zack – come in, sit down. We have a lot to talk about. Well, let me rephrase that – I have a lot to say, and you have a lot to sit there and listen to. Now then…

It’s been brought to our attention that you have a little bit of trouble keeping your temper in check. There was that incident last year during the season, then another incident after that, and… oh yes, the arrest for the bar fight. That was my personal favorite.

Zack: I can explain…

Darcy: *holding hand up* No need to explain. Let’s cut to the chase. You’ll attend anger management counseling until such time we give you permission to stop. You’ll remember that your position with the team is tenuous at best right now. You’ll work hard and concentrate on increasing your skills.

Zack: I don’t need…

Darcy: Yes, you do, you little punk. We are known for giving players 5,360,602 chances around here, but you’ve already used up 5,360,601 of yours. I suggest you take my advice to heart and follow it exactly. Is everything I said clear?

Zack: Yes.

Darcy: Excellent. See you at rookie camp. Don’t arrive late and leave your attitude in the car. You won’t need it. Oh, and try not to kill your counselor. He’s trying to help. That’s all, you can go now.

*end scene*



1. Cynthia Racette - June 1, 2010


But more than a little truth as well.

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