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Hockey and Hollywood June 2, 2010

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So The Daily Beast put up a post about how hockey players are increasingly attracting attention from Hollywood starlets, models, etc. Here’s the link. Go ahead and take a read. I’ll wait.

You may wonder why I’ve made this a post topic. Wonder no more! Here’s my problem with the article: while it talks about how female viewership is up re: the NHL (and some other sports), it doesn’t distinguish between true female fans and puckbunnies. If you follow hockey you know what a puckbunny is and how most female fans HATE being labeled as one. The perception of female hockey fans is not helped when someone makes a comment like this:

Bonnie Fuller, legendary editor of Us Weekly, Star and now the celebrity gossip website HollywoodLife.com, has a simpler and more materialistic view of why hockey is catching on with women: diamonds. “Those girls got gigantic rings,” Fuller says of the diamonds given to Underwood and Duff. “Those huge hunks of ice are bound to catch a girl’s eye.”

Seriously? You think women are so materialistic that we watch hockey in hopes of getting ourselves a huge diamond ring? Seriously? My head wants to explode right now.

I am not hypocritical and will freely admit I think many of the guys who play hockey are hot. Why is it any different than saying some actor or singer is good-looking? Anyhoo… to make things worse, they talked to some woman in NJ who makes a comment about handsome the players are without their equipment on. Apparently she has no idea who they are when she’s watching a game, but throw a tux on an NHL’er and now she’s interested!

Here’s a fact: I know more about hockey than 95% of the people in my extended social circle. Am I being arrogant when I make that claim? No, I’m not. I know a LOT about this sport, because I love it. The hot guys are just a bonus.

For another (albeit similar) perspective: http://shotsoffthecrossbar.wordpress.com/

And a guy’s perspective: http://blackbluegold.wordpress.com/2010/06/02/newsflash-lady-puck-heads-hate-to-be-called-puck-bunnies/



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