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Sabres Behind-the-Scenes: Draft Day June 8, 2010

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Darcy Regier: Thank you for coming to our pre-draft meeting, everyone. We will discuss who we’d like to try to get in the first two rounds, and then pick random names for the rest. Sound about right?

Everyone: Yep!

Lindy Ruff: You know, that system has worked remarkably well over the years…

Darcy: Yes, it has. I always laugh when I hear teams talking about spending all this money on actual scouts. I’ve found it much easier and far more cost-effective to use video scouting. That way, I can sit at home in my underwear and still make great choices!

Tom Golisano: For the most part, yes. I mean, who could’ve seen Zack Kassian’s “anger management problem” coming?

Larry Quinn: Well, we actually did in-person scouting on Kassian. And talked to him face-to-face twice.

Tom: Oh.

Larry: He was our first-round draft pick last year. 13th overall.

Tom: Oh.

Lindy: Can’t win ’em all. And I should know. I’m a coach.

Darcy: Anyhoo… So we’ve agreed. No Russians. They’re not worth the headache.

Larry: Not even Sergei Gonchar? I was kinda hoping you could trade Tim Connolly for his rights. Or just trade Tim Connolly.

Lindy: Ain’t never gonna happen…

Darcy: Bringing us back to the draft discussion – I really like this kid we’ve picked out as our #1 “want” in the first round.

Tom: What kid?

Darcy: He’s a center.

Lindy: *squeals*

Darcy: Good size – 6’2 and 210 pounds.

Lindy: *squeals*

Darcy: Has a strange affinity for “mutton chops”.

Larry: Uhhh, Darcy?

Darcy: Yeah Larry?

Larry: You’re describing Jonathan Toews. From his profile. For NHL ’11.

Darcy: That explains the Blackhawks jersey he’s wearing in his profile picture.

Larry: Yeaaaahhhhh.

Darcy: If we can’t draft Jonathan Toews, who APPARENTLY has already BEEN drafted, who do you suggest we go after? Wait, don’t answer that. You don’t know anything about hockey.

Tom: The cheapest guy!

Darcy: The cheapest guys aren’t the best guys, Tom. Don’t you ever want to win a Cup?

Tom: *snort* Who cares? The fans will fill the seats anyway.

Darcy: A wonderful attitude.

Tom: Thanks.

Stay tuned to hear who the Sabres will target in the first round!



1. Mike - June 9, 2010

Funny stuff. Two thumbs up!

2. Richard - June 8, 2010

I saw Larry Playfair in an interview a while ago. Maybe they can draft him. From what I can see, he would play harder and try to win more than some that they have now…

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