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A serious post June 10, 2010

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I’m going to deviate from my usual snark to discuss the Cup winners/losers in a serious fashion. It is possible for me to be serious, I just usually don’t choose to be. Life is more fun when it’s sarcastic.

Congrats to Chicago for breaking a 49-year Cup drought. And a special congrats to the Blackhawks fans, who endured quite a lot while Wiertz the Elder was at the helm of the team. His son, Rocky Junior, has done a great job since his dad passed away – most notably, getting Blackhawks home games back on TV in the local market. (As an aside, not to speak ill of the dead, but can you IMAGINE having your team’s home games blacked out? Eesh.) Those fans who stayed with the team deserved to be rewarded, and they were. Great to see.

I was telling my dear hubs how some people seemed to be quite gleeful to see Philly fans unhappy. I will admit I don’t like the Flyers very much (except for Danny Briere, and for some reason, Kimmo Timonen – I think it’s the Finnish thing – I like Fins). Anyhoo, I think Flyers fans are some of the most obnoxious in the league. Some may argue with me – go ahead, that’s what the comments section is for. And I fully admit I’ve never been to a Flyers game wearing an opponent’s jersey myself, but I’ve heard plenty of tales. What I’m getting at is this: I can empathize with Flyers fans this morning. I’ve been there. I know much it hurts. So, sorry Flyers fans. As they repeat in Buffalo ad nauseum: there’s always next year!

Soupy got his Cup, Hossa finally got his… and can I just add – take a rest, Marian. Literally sit around ALL SUMMER LONG and put your feet up. You’ve played a freeging lot of hockey in the past three seasons. The adrenaline of winning the Cup is only going to last so long, and then you will collapse into a pile of beat-up-but-still-firmly-muscled hockey player gooeyness. It won’t be pretty.

Danny did not get his Cup, and I feel for the guy. I like Briere. Maybe he wanted too much money for the Sabres to keep him long-term, but you can’t argue with 12 points in the SCF. From what I heard, it was one point shy of Gretzky’s record. And guess what, boys and girls: Gretzky was pretty awesome, which makes Danny pretty awesome too.

But I’m not sorry to see Chris Pronger lose. I hate that dude.

Hockey season is over, finally. The playoffs didn’t interest me at all for some reason. Some of the story lines were interesting – Washington out in the first round, Montreal nearly making it to the Finals, San Jose being overwhelmed yet again… but overall, I just didn’t care much.

So let’s take a little while and step back… prepare for Draft Day (part 3 of Sabres Behind-the-Scenes: Draft Day should go up tomorrow), read an article the next morning about who won the awards – I doubt I’ll bother to watch, and wait for next year. Because you know what, Sabres fans? There’s always next year. Well, at least until someone finds a reason to move the team, but I think we’re safe for quite some time.



1. Mark B - June 11, 2010

This is one year I will watch the awards. Tyler and Ryan better win, though!

2. manda903 - June 10, 2010

Thanks! Snarky Amanda will be back tomorrow. Don’t you worry…

3. Cynthia - June 10, 2010

Well said. And some good points but I miss the snarky Amanda.

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