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Sabres Behind-the-Scenes: Draft Day Part 3 June 11, 2010

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*knock at the door*

Darcy Regier: *walking to the door* Come in, Tyler.

Tyler Toffoli: Thanks. *nervously waving to everyone. Hey.

Everyone: Hey.

Darcy: Sit down, Tyler.

Larry Quinn: Thanks for coming today. We just want to get to know you a little better.

Tyler: Ok.

Lindy Ruff: Tell us about yourself.

Tyler: Well…

Tom Golisano: Do you like puppies, Tyler?

Tyler: Puppies? Uh, sure.

Tom: Movies about gladiators?

Tyler: Gladiators?

Lindy: Ignore him.

Tom: Rainbows?

Lindy: Seriously, ignore him. So tell us about how you’ve been doing the past year.

Tyler: I think last year went pretty well. I had over a point a game, and the playoffs were good…

Larry: Are you familiar with Jason Pominville, Tyler?

Tyler: Um, a little.

Larry: Because what we’re really looking for is a Jason Pominville clone.

Tom: We like Jason.

Darcy: Everybody likes Jason.

Everyone: *murmurs in agreement*

Tyler: A Jason Pominville clone?

Darcy: And we think you’re just the man for us. We can take your raw talent and make you into Jason Pominville.

Larry: Every player wants that, right? I mean, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Tyler: You know, I think I need to go meet my parents. Yeahhhh, I was supposed to meet them for lunch…

Tom: *visibly disappointed* Leaving so soon? But we haven’t even talked about unicorns!

Larry: Or taught you how to use the phrase “I mean” 47 times in each interview!

Lindy: You know, Jason is a dream to coach…

Tom: He’s a dream, all right. Dreamy, if you ask me.

Tyler: *edging out of the room* Ok, well, it was good talking to you guys! *closes door behind him* Freaks.

Now that Tyler Toffoli thinks the Sabres organization is run by a bunch of unicorn-loving freaks, who will the team turn to? Who will they draft?



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