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Hard-hitting Draft Day Analysis June 27, 2010

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Here’s my hard-hitting draft day analysis: the Sabres drafted more defensemen. This tells me a few things about Darcy Regier and the rest of the management staff: 1- they do not understand that a hockey team is made up of 12 forwards, six defensemen, and two goaltenders. They obviously think it’s the other way around – 12 defensemen and six forwards. That’s the only logical explanation I can find for why you’d have 9,604,307 freeging defensemen taking up valuable roster space in your organization.

Part two of my hard-hitting analysis: players I don’t like are still Sabres, and I consider this a total fail on the part of Sabres management. As I mentioned on Twitter, I was willing to negotiate to free up roster space for guys who don’t SUCK. Now, you can argue with me that said players don’t suck, and perhaps their stats would back you up, but you won’t convince me that their suckitude isn’t causing the air in HSBC Arena to feel as thin as if it was located in Denver.

Finally, congratulations to the Blackhawks. I don’t think I put up a blog post after they won the Cup, mainly because right now hockey is boring me to TEARS. TEARS, people. And that’s not good, considering how much I love this sport. If it’s boring ME to tears, what’s happening to the average fan? I think it all goes back to the uninspired play of the Sabres in the playoffs. After that performance I just didn’t care anymore, and that’s sad, because I’ve been a hockey fan for practically my whole life, and a Sabres fan for nearly 20 years. I’m hoping management does something to restore my faith in the team. I’m practically begging for it.

Until then, I’ll amuse you with pithy anecdotes and knock-knock jokes (insert hubby groaning “OH PLEASE GOD, NO KNOCK-KNOCK JOKES”).



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