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I’ve figured Darcy out… September 2, 2010

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So Darcy has been stockpiling defensemen, and no one has been able to discern his reasoning. But I think I know what’s up! Darcy is obviously waiting for the NHL to nullify the contracts of Kovalchuk, et al, and then once the fines are handed out and the caps are shrunken, leaving the Devils, Blackhawks, and Canucks in serious trouble, he’ll swoop in with his cheap defensemen and offer to take Hank, Soupy, and Kevin Bieska off the teams’ hands.

Because, you see, he can’t bear to part with players he’s drafted, so he needs to find a way to get them back! This is brilliant! And Bieska is a bonus! Plus, all of this only helps advance his ultimate role of fielding an all-defensemen team.

When you think about it, the answer was there all along. We just had to look for it.


1. Kathleen - September 2, 2010

I always said Darcy has a good reason for everything he does! (Well, except when he’s peer-pressured into it: See Torres, Raffi.)

Love the new banner, Amanda!

manda903 - September 2, 2010

I can’t take credit for the new banner. It was made for me by a lovely and talented woman. On Twitter she goes by the handle @kim_chi.

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