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Sabres Preview #3: The Goaltenders September 5, 2010

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Welcome to the next Sabres preview. Today we’ll look at the goaltenders. I’m only going to deal with Miller and Lalime because I haven’t seen enough of Enroth to give him a fair shake. So let’s get to it!

Ryan Miller: When I just typed that I imagined it the way the arena announcer says it. Hee. Moving on… We all know Miller is a stud. He plays a lot of games, and he’s probably going to play at a high level for 90-95% of the season. Hopefully he’ll continue his mastery over the shooters in the shootout, and will be less likely to wear down over the stretch without playing in the Olympics. There’s not much more you can say about Miller, except that if he has a bad year, the team will have a bad year. But really, isn’t that true of most starting goaltenders?

Patrick Lalime: I know people were disappointed when Marty Biron didn’t sign here, but he didn’t, so let’s move on. Lalime is what he is – apparently a better goaltender than he’s shown. One thing that mystifies me: if the guys on the team love him so much, why don’t they play better in front of him? If Ruff keeps to his schedule Lalime will only see the ice about six or eight times anyway.

Tomorrow – Sabres Preview #4: The Team. Please don’t hold your breath while you wait – you’ll turn blue and die, and I need all the readers I can get!



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