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What I think… September 7, 2010

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Everyone is talking about what Dan Ellis said on Twitter yesterday. Just in case you don’t use Twitter, and I know there are a few readers who don’t (hi Mom and Dad!), here’s the gist: he gave some insight into his feelings about money and happiness. Then he got lambasted. My thoughts about this:

  1. The guy has 12,000 people following his Tweets. If he didn’t think he was going to offend anybody with his comments he’s naive.
  2. That being said, people took the whole thing way too seriously in my opinion. This is a free country and he can say whatever he wants to say. No one wanted to listen to him bitch about the 18% escrow because they’d all come to see him as a nice family man, not a guy focused on his salary and they were disillusioned.
  3. Dan needs to understand that 140 characters isn’t very many in which to express sarcasm/humor, etc. A lot of people are going to take what you say at face value whether you intend them to or not. Keep that in mind (which is good advice for anybody on Twitter, by the way).
  4. This happened at a good time, if it had to happen at all, because with the hockey season gearing up people are going to forget all about it and we’ll be friends again. In the long term I doubt it’s caused him, the NHL, the NHLPA, or the Tampa Bay Lightning any irreparable PR damage.  Stevie Y might want to have a chat with his boy about discretion, though…

There may be more to say on this topic, and there may be more I wanted to say, but I’m sick of it, so I’m stopping here. I just felt like since my background is in PR I probably shouldn’t let it go. Overall, though, whether it’s an athlete or a corporation, people tend to take things far too seriously. Lighten up, everyone! Don’t sweat the small stuff, and this, my friends, is small stuff.


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