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Inside the brain of an NHL rookie September 11, 2010

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For the next couple of posts I thought I’d delve inside the brain of an NHL rookie as he goes to his first training camp. Let’s call our rookie ROOK. Italics denote internal thoughts.

Rook: [walks into HSBC Arena] Oh man, this is it. My first training camp. [sees Orientation Girl] Hi, I’m Rook.

Orientation Girl: Hi, Rook! You can put your gear down over here, Rip will take care of it.

Rip Simonik: Hey kid, good to see you again.

Rook: Uhhhh….

Rip: We met at the prospect camp this summer…

Rook: Oh YEAH. I remember you!

Rip: Yeah… Anyway, just leave your stuff here and I’ll be sure it gets unpacked by tomorrow.

Rook: Um, okay. You mean, like all of it?

Rip: Yep, all of it.

Rook: Cool!

Orientation Girl: Rook?

Rook: [turning back to her] Yeah?

Orientation Girl: Here’s your packet of information. It’s got your schedule, the diet Doug McKinney put together for you, and your room assignment. You’ll be staying at the Adam’s Mark hotel. There are directions in the packet.                      (Editor’s note: I do not know where the rookies are staying. Please do not stalk the good people at the Adam’s Mark.)

Rook: [accepting the packet] Okay, thanks.

Orientation Girl: Read the information in the packet. It’s very important that you understand what’s expected of you.

Rook: [nodding vigorously] Okay!

Orientation Girl: [looking at him a little oddly] There’s a group dinner tonight. The information about that is in the packet too. It’s mandatory.

Rook: Okay.

Orientation Girl: Until then, we recommend you go to the hotel, get settled in, rest, and read your packet.

Rook: Okay. Why do I keep saying okay like some freaking moron? She’s kinda cute. I wonder if she likes hockey players…

Orientation Girl: [snapping her fingers in front of Rook’s face] Rook? Rook?

Rook: [eyes clearing as the haze of lust lifts] Wha? Did you say something?

Orientation Girl: [rolling her eyes] Go get some sleep, Rook.

Rook: Okay.

Tune in tomorrow, when Rook takes the ice for the first time…



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