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The Rook gets on the ice September 12, 2010

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In today’s post we’ll go inside the Rook’s head on his first day on the ice during rookie camp. Remember, italics denote internal thoughts.

Rook: [walking into the locker room] I have my own locker! That won’t last long. Once the vets arrive they’ll kick our asses to a storage closet or something. But for now, cool! [looks left, sees another player] Hey, man. I’m Rook.

Player 1 (we’ll call him Smitty): Hey, I’m Smitty.

[they both start getting dressed]

Player 2 (we’ll call him Dougie): [jerking his head in their general direction] Dougie.

Smitty: Smitty.

Rook: Rook. Hey, I’ve got friends! Well, besides my roommate, but he’s kind of a freak.

[after getting dressed, the trio head for the ice]

Smitty: Wanna toss one around?

Rook & Dougie: Sure.

[they pass the puck around and greet other players as they come out]

Big Scary Head Coach: All right boys, gather ’round.

[players scurry over to the bench and crowd in]

Big Scary Head Coach: Welcome to rookie camp. We’re gonna work on some fundamentals, do some drills, have some scrimmages, and see what you guys are made of.

[players nod, grunt, murmur]

Big Scary Head Coach: We’re gonna divide you into groups and do some easy shooting drills first.

Rook: Shooting. Yay!

Big Scary Head Coach: Then we’ll move on to some more defensive drills.

Rook: Defense. Boooo.

[players skate around for a while]

Big Scary Head Coach: Hey, Rook, come over here for a minute.

Rook: *gulp* [skates over to BSHC]

Big Scary Head Coach: [pulls out his white board and starts making arrows and notations]

Rook: What the f is he doing?

Big Scary Head Coach: Next time, I want you to do this, [indicates one set of lines and arrows] when the other guys do this [indicates another set of lines and arrows].

Rook: Sure thing, Coach. [skates back to take his place in line] I’m screwed.

Tomorrow: The Rook learns about “The System”.



1. Richard - September 13, 2010

Rook doesn’t appear to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. But of course, we don’t know much about the other knives…

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