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Bloggers, listen up! September 22, 2010

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Since I know a lot of other blogs read this blog, I thought you might be interested in this list, which a fellow writer put together for a newsletter that I edit. I’ve taken some liberties with it since not all the items applied to us, but I still think it’s helpful. Hopefully you will too.

The title of her article was: Never Run Out of Blog Topics

She talked about how some of the items were more serious than others when you first looked at them, but how some of the ideas could turn into gold for you, depending on what you’re blogging about, even if the idea seemed silly to begin with. Here’s her list of ways to never run out of blog topics-

1.  What is your team doing?  How do you feel about it?  Are they attempting anything new?

2.  What inspires you about their play or that of a specific player?  What as a fan keeps you going?  How do you make it through to the end of a bad run or the end of the season?

3.  Pick a specific issue of hockey and describe how you feel about it, the parts you like and the parts you can’t stand. What rules would you change if you could?

4.  Where are you as a fan right now?  Where is that, in comparison to where you were six months ago?  A year?  Five years?  Ten?  How has your fandom changed?

5.  Write about games, players, teams, or coaches that have influenced you.

6.  And now for something completely different:  write about stories your family or friends told you about their hockey experiences. Write about strange experiences you’ve had.

7.  Tell your own story.  How did you become a fan? Find a new angle.  How did others help you become a fan?

8.  Query your audience.  You don’t have to ask them about what specific topics they want you to cover if you don’t want to.  Ask them if you should henna your hair.  Ask them what their favorite food is. Just do whatever you can to get some dialogue going between yourself and your readers.

9.  Choose a selection of pictures, and write about them.  They might have a common theme, or you might make the connections yourself.  Write your thoughts.  Write some facts.  Write a story.

10.  Invite guests.  Your friends have unexpected knowledge or talents.  Show them off.

Special thanks go out to my writer friend Victoria Janssen. You can check her out at http://www.victoriajanssen.com.



1. Richard - September 26, 2010

Darn! I was gonna ask you if I should henna my hair, but you beat me to the punch…

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