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Sabres vs Canadiens 9/30/10 Postmortem September 30, 2010

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So here we are again. Another preseason game. Another game blacked out. Nice job, MSG. I joined the game w/ about 11 minutes left in the first period.


  • Nine minutes into the game – no Canadiens shots.
  • Nice penalty kill, boys. Way to kill the confidence!
  • Gutsy block, Mike Weber.
  • Luke Adam, that wasn’t even fancy, that was just hockey. But it was nice nonetheless! Good job!
  • Gerbe’s the shortest guy in the league? Hee hee hee Doesn’t play like it!
  • So Maxim Lapierre spent the offseason learning how to box? Who did he take lessons from? Strawberry Shortcake? That was a very poor effort.
  • Nice goal, Drew Schiestel! Good presence. You’ll spend the year in Portland, but you’re making a case for the call-up. Good boy.

Didn’t like:

  • Too many penalties. ETA: Looks like Myers’ penalty was a phantom penalty. Excellent job on the reffing. ETA: Montador, Montador, Montador… why?
  • Fifteen seconds later, Luke Adams makes a mistake. Can’t get caught admiring yourself, kid.
  • Who hurt Thomas Vanek? When I hear who did it, they’re dead. DEAD.

Overall, good game. The team looks like it’s ramping up nicely. I’ll be at dinner tomorrow night, so I won’t be issuing a postmortem. You’ll have to make due without my witty commentary and hard-hitting analysis.



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