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Getting to know Amanda… October 3, 2010

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I figured with the new season starting I should let anyone who’s new around get to know me a little better. If you’re familiar with me (Hi Mom and Dad!) you are, of course, welcome to still read the post. Hey, maybe you’ll learn something!

On with the show:

  1. My name is Amanda. Not Mandy. My parents (Hi Mom and Dad!) are allowed to call me that. No one else. Well, unless you want me to punch you in the face. I don’t recommend that, especially since I may choose to punch you with my left hand, on which resides a diamond which my hubs calls my “death ring”. Considering that he bought it, you might want to take his warning seriously. You are welcome to call me Manda. My lazy friends do.
  2. I’ve been watching hockey for a long time. I can remember going to games as a kid (Hi Mom and Dad!) when I lived in Binghamton, first watching the Dusters, then the Whalers, then the Rangers. I had left town by the time the team became the Sens, thank God. I do remember hating the Americans when they played whatever team the Binghamton team was at the time.
  3. The first professional team I actively rooted for was the Sabres, in 1994. Coincidentally, I moved to Buffalo in 1994. Hmmmm.
  4. I am married and have a small child. Hubs is not a big sports fan. He prefers to play video games and do stuff on his PC. I prefer to scream very quietly at the television (see small child, have a). This works out well for us, as we don’t often agree on things when we do watch the Sabres together. Hubs often fails to grasp that I am right and he is wrong. Silly hubs.
  5. I have had several favorite players over the years. I have a soft spot for defense in general, but many of my favorite players are forwards. I have no logical explanation for this.
  6. I own several jerseys. I counted the signatures on my two oldest jerseys. I can’t remember exactly how many were on each one now, but it was around 75 on one and 50 on the other. I also have one with no name and no signatures, plus a signed Warrener jersey and a signed Pominville jersey. I do not know who I will get now that the Buffalslug is dead. Myers is too obvious. I’ll have to give it some thought.
  7. I have never played hockey. I want to, but I probably shouldn’t, due to a litany of bone/joint-related issues. If I did, I would probably be in the penalty box a lot. No doubt I would play in a no-checking league (not by choice, but I doubt there are many womens’ leagues that allow checking), but I wouldn’t be able to keep myself from checking my opponent. So I’d get in trouble, and have to go to the box, and feel shame.
  8. I generally don’t boo opponents, and I almost NEVER boo the Sabres. About the only time I ever boo if I really think the team is doggin’ it. The entire team, not just a few guys. Otherwise, I keep my mouth shut unless I’m cheering. Yes, I’m one of those incessantly positive fans. Live with it.
  9. I have an MBA, but made a conscious choice to leave Corporate America and do freelance work. Now I write romance novels. Yes, you read that correctly. If you follow me on Twitter, as many of you do, this does not surprise you. You may feel that writing romances is not a good use of my skills and my MBA. I disagree. For one thing, I can write intelligible sentences. I can also spell. My marketing background will serve me well once I get published, since publishers are not exactly throwing big bucks at new authors to help us promote our books. Plus, with the little person, I’m able to stay home and write. I’d say that’s a great use of my talent and skills.
  10. Many of my novels feature a hockey-player hero. Not all, but the two I’m currently shopping do. You may think there isn’t a big market for hockey-playing heroes, but look at it this way: 1- there have already been a couple of successful books/series based on hockey-player heroes; and 2- hockey players are Alpha males. Romance readers LOVE Alpha males, no matter what they do for a living.

Well, that’s all for today. Don’t you feel closer to me now?



1. Carla - October 4, 2010

Hi Amanda! I saw your post on the PRO loop and couldn’t believe there’s another female out there who’s into sports! My hubby is from Rochester–sorry, that inherently means he’s an Amerks fan–and he got me into watching the Sabres. They make hockey fun! (As opposed to the Flyers, which is the home team, but since I wasn’t born/raised here, I maintain my Rangers fanhood.)

I write sports heroes, too. I have one finished MS with a baseball player hero (tossed from the bigs under steroid accusations) and I have another in mind, not yet written, that takes place at a baseball fantasy camp. Lucky for me, my hubs is also big into sports, though I think he’s the luckier one, since he doesn’t have to worry about me complaining that he spends too much time watching baseball. I’m usually right there next to him, cheering on the Phillies/Bills/Sabres. (The Sixers haven’t given us anything to cheer about lately.)

I’ll definitely be checking out your blog again, especially with the new season getting started! I need something to look forward to now that baseball’s almost over. Thanks for sharing this!


manda903 - October 4, 2010

Hi Carla! It’s nice to know that there are women who love romance AND sports! I hope the blog gives you a little bit of entertainment throughout the season. Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment whenever you’d like!

2. Robin Wilson - October 3, 2010

Hi Amanda! I’m so not a hockey fan…even being Canadian and living with a huge hockey night in Canada family! Love Don Cherry and even have the original hockey night in Canada theme song as my ring tone!

But my comment is about the alpha male! I’m looking forward to this!!! šŸ™‚ be sure to let us know when its available!

manda903 - October 3, 2010

Both of my manuscripts with the hockey player heroes are inching closer to publication every day, and believe me, you’ll know when they come out! šŸ˜‰ Thanks for reading!

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