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Sabres vs. Senators 10/8/10 Postmortem October 8, 2010

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Let’s do this.


  • Snazzy unis, snazzy-lookin’ coach. Good start to the season.
  • Tyler Myers appears to have become a man in the off-season. Helllllooo Mr. Myers.
  • Vanek cranks one off the pipe. Disappointing, but I’ll say this: Thank you, Thomas, for not passing to Steve Montador. You’re learning…
  • Oh, Derek Roy… if you keep doing that I’ll definitely keep defending you. Good boy!
  • Nice kill, boys. Montador got away with holding Foligno’s stick for about fifteen seconds.
  • Derek Roy gets another great chance!
  • Stafford buries a guy. I might fall in love again. I just might.
  • Looks like Myers did some work on his shot in the offseason. He appears to have developed a rocket. A low, accurate rocket.
  • Stafford’s zombie eyes are back. And that’s a very good thing.
  • Go Andrej Sekera with the puck control!
  • Pominville drew either two or three cross-checking penalties tonight.
  • That second Roy goal was all Tyler Myers. I think when he comes barreling down the ice people just get out the way.
  • Ennis has two assists? Nice work, little one.
  • I see that Gaustad’s faceoffs are in mid-season form. Yay!
  • Great kill to preserve the lead, guys. Gutsy shot blocks.

Didn’t like:

  • Well, the power play… yeah…
  • That penalty on Leopold looked pretty weak to me. Weak, I tell ya.
  • I’m not seeing much out of the fourth line so far. Let’s get something going, guys.
  • Montador… do we have to have this talk again? When you have the puck in your own zone, try not to let the other guy take it away from you like someone takes candy from a baby. K?
  • Shaone Morrisonn doesn’t look like the brightest crayon in the box, does he?
  • I know some of you people like Connolly, but I just haaattteeee him. For a guy who’s supposed to be some magical puck-handler, he’s losing pucks left and right.
  • Tyler Ennis. Shoot the puck. We know you’re young, we know you don’t have confidence yet, but don’t pass. Shoot the puck. Seriously. It’s ok. No one will be mad at you.
  • Miller just had to put down his beer to make a save. He’s mad.
  • I didn’t see a penalty there on that interference call on Rivet. Did I miss something?
  • Stafford – you’re ruining your good game with that bad penalty.
  • Grier – also a real bad time to take a penalty. Real bad.


1. Philip - October 9, 2010

Roy’s GWG was on the PP. So they had that going for them.

manda903 - October 9, 2010

Hmmmm, yes, you’re right about that!

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