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My thoughts on the Pominville hit October 11, 2010

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It’s not a secret around these parts that Jason Pominville is a player near and dear to my heart. Tonight I had my parents over for dinner and was taping the game, intending to start watching it late and skip through some commercials. My hubs, who was at the game, called me a little after 7:30. I told him I hadn’t started the game and asked him if there was something I needed to know. He said yes and told me Pominville was down and a stretcher was out. Honestly, at first I thought he was joking. I mean, Pominville is NEVER hurt. He assured me he was serious.

I turned on the game and fast-forwarded until I was at the point right before the hit. Then I watched it. And felt sick. I watched them take him off the ice and was very relieved to see his eyes open and his arms move. I wasn’t surprised to see that the player who hit him had been assessed a major penalty for boarding and given a game misconduct. Upon seeing the replay I was happy when I noted that Tim Connolly, one of my least-favorite players (also not a secret) had jumped in to defend Pominville.

Then I read the Tweet from the official account of the Blackhawks. That’s actually when I got really angry. I had looked up Hjallstrom and knew he wasn’t a dirty player, so I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that the play was a brainfreeze, but seeing that Tweet made me livid. To paraphrase – it wasn’t a a vicious hit, but it was enough for the refs to call it. The person who runs the account was promptly vilified and began to backpeddle, but the damage was done.

What kind of idiot makes a classless statement like that? COME ON.

So from what we’ve heard so far Pominville didn’t go to the hospital, but has a concussion. It could have been far worse, and hopefully he won’t have the lingering effects that Savard et al have been suffering with. We can only hope…

Pominville and Montador celebrate

Come back soon, Pommerdoodle! We miss you already!



1. Richard - October 11, 2010

You expect class from Chicago? There is no class in that city. A glance at any American History book is enlightening.

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