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Sabres vs. Thrashers 10/20/10 Postmortem October 21, 2010

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I already know the score of this game (thanks for spoiling it, hubs!), but I’m going to watch it from the beginning and blog it because it sounds like it was a kick-ass game.


  • Early on the Sabres are buzzing the net. The D got the shot through, too.
  • In the first couple of minutes the Thrashers have nothing really going on. They’re chasing the Sabres around. I like it.
  • T-ennis The Mennis almost had two there. Speedy little dude!
  • Ryan Miller just ordered some cognac and a copy of The Tale of Two Cities delivered to his crease.
  • One of the things that might’ve gotten lost in the hubbub about Myers’ goal on the power play is the great faceoff win by Derek Roy that started that play. Another good assist by Butler.
  • McCormick’s becoming a player you’ve just got to love. That goal was just too easy.
  • Butler keeps his wits about him on that 3-on-1 and keeps the guy from making the pass he wanted to. Good boy! And now he defends Myers when Ladd hits him from behind. *swoon*
  • I know it probably sounds silly, but I was incredibly relieved to see the interview with Pominville. He looked… well, he looked like the Pominville we know and love. I’ve watched interviews with guys who are suffering from concussions, and it can be scary to watch (see Savard, Marc et al). I’m betting we’ll see him Tuesday or next Friday. Come back soon, Pommer!
  • After two periods the shots are 27-12 in favor of the Sabres. I like it.
  • The power play looked much better in this game, even though they only scored once.

Didn’t like:

  • Ok, thirteen minutes in and here’s my first boo. Tyler Myers, you’ve got to stop being so big and mean. 😉 Slashing is a penalty.
  • I have to say, it doesn’t seem like a smart idea to push Tyler Myers around. Sure, Lindy’s told him not to fight, but if you piss him off enough he’s not going to let you just take liberties. And really, all he’s got to do is push you a little and you’ll be in Kansas wondering where your kitten is.
  • I agree with Rick and Harry – I think Thomas Vanek got screwed – I think that was a goal. Poor Van.
  • I’d like to see a little more out of Niedermayer than I’m seeing so far.
  • Memo to Jochen Hecht: it’s not very assistant-captain-y to take multiple penalties in a game.

Well, that was a very good game! Chris Butler was a stud tonight. He needs to have a few more games like that and he won’t have to worry quite so much about staying in the lineup. We’ll see if the team carries this play into Friday night.



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