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Sabres vs. Senators 10/22/10 Postmortem October 22, 2010

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I’ve been writing through most of this game so this post might be a little more general than some of my other postmortems. But when the writing zone hits, my friends, you’ve got to go with it.


  • I fell in love with Gaustad just a little when he walked the kid from Carly’s Club out for the faceoff. Then I fell in love with Rivet a little when I saw the look on his face.
  • Steve Montador is a gamer. Dude gets his nose broken the other night and doesn’t even put a full face mask on. Like Harry, I hope he keeps the shield on. His face is too nice to be further victimized.
  • Apparently Tim Connolly should just keep shooting from Plano, Texas if he wants to score goals.
  • I like the fact that Buffalo is answering Ottawa’s goals quickly.
  • Despite his size, it appears to be very difficult to take the puck away from Ennis.
  • I like the Butler/Montador pairing. It seems like they’re everywhere tonight.
  • Mike Grier better be a GREAT influence in the locker room but he doesn’t appear to be very good at hockey.
  • Heh. Two Ottawa players collide. Heh heh.

Didn’t like:

  • The Sabres are running around in their own zone a little too much for my comfort.
  • Myers had an elbow up in a guy’s face. I know it was probably because Myers is freakishly tall but he’s got to be careful about that. I was surprised he didn’t get penalized for it.
  • Sometimes it seems like Vanek has a short fuse, but when you think about it, he gets his ass kicked in front of the net day after day. That would make me irritable too.
  • How many gimmes is Stafford going to get before he pots one? Eesh.
  • What was up with that third goal? Man, I haaate Daniel Alfredsson.
  • Blind passes to nobody annoy me. They don’t serve a purpose usually.
  • Derek Roy, you know better than that. You’re a speedy dude – you shouldn’t have to hook somebody. And if you do, you shouldn’t have to make it that obvious. Sit and feel shame.
  • In contrast to Ennis, it appears to be too easy to take the puck away from Vanek.
  • And isn’t it fitting that Sabre Killer Daniel Alfredsson gets his 1,000th career point in Buffalo?

Well, they didn’t get it done again. This losing at home thing has got to stop.



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