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Sabres vs. Stars 10/30/10 Postmortem October 30, 2010

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Well, I’m finally home for a hockey game. Let’s hope the Sabres don’t disappoint. The Captain is a healthy scratch. That’s not good……..


  • The Sabres appear to be in a bad mood tonight. As long as they don’t take dumb penalties, the bad mood is A-ok with me. They shouldn’t be in a good mood.
  • Should I make it a “Liked” that they’re only down by one after the first period? Sadly, yes.

Didn’t like:

  • Remember what I said about penalties? Yeah, that.
  • My head is going to explode if they don’t stop taking stupid penalties. Seriously. Blood, guts, brains – everywhere.
  • Oh, the Rick Jeanneret skit. Why, why? For the love of God, why?
  • There’s just not much to say about this game. I’d to be able to insert some sparkling commentary, but the team is just not… doing… anything. It’s very frustrating.
  • A three-on-one and they can’t even get a good shot off. Ugh.
  • And now it’s 4-0. What a way to let Dallas regain their home confidence. Harry says the fourth goal puts Buffalo in an uncomfortable position. That’s laughable. This team was in an uncomfortable position as soon as they stepped onto the ice.

Ok, now I’m ready to admit that this team is in trouble. I haven’t been able to watch many of the games lately so it’s been hard to get a good handle on what they were playing like. But this team looks lost, listless. The captain is a healthy scratch. Something needs to change. This is very, very bad.



1. C.A.R. - October 30, 2010

I am angry at the team for the first time I can remember. I’m sure they’re panicking if we are, but what got them into such a precarious position? Most likely it was a couple of key players having the vapors– can you spell V-A-N-E-K?

Now I feel as badly as the next person that Vanek takes everything so personally and appears to wear a hair shirt 24/7, but this is hockey and there is a mental component that you have to master as much as technical skills. Maybe it’s even more important.

So, one forward has a mini-nervous breakdown in the dressing room and it spreads faster than bedbugs.

Like the cancer cells that kill us one cell at a time, this kind of group hysteria happens one player at a time. Maybe it was Vanek, maybe Rivet, maybe even Meyers in his sophomore slump. But it started with someone– I guaran-dam-tee it.

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