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Sabres vs. Leafs 11/6/10 Postmortem November 6, 2010

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Ok, boys, it’s Hockey Night in Canada. Let’s try not to embarrass yourselves, mmm?


  • Nice play by Gaustad to prevent Kessel from getting out of his own zone.
  • Enroth is settling down nicely so far in the first period.
  • Beautiful save on MacArthur by Enroth. That should inspire some confidence in their goaltender from the other guys.
  • Hey! Myers just figured out he’s a big guy!
  • Leopold strikes me as an efficient defenseman. Not a lot of wasted energy, and that’s not a bad thing.
  • Enroth gets Most Valuable Sabre so far halfway through the game. The rest of them get slapped in the face. EDIT: Derek Roy has earned an exemption from the face slap. EDIT: Jochen Hecht gets a lighter face slap. EDIT: Tyler Ennis is exempt. EDIT: Steve Montador gets a lighter face slap because I think he at least tried. And since I’m doing the slapping I get to set the force.
  • Wooo! The lil’ Sabres come through – Jhonas Enroth and Tyler Ennis! Yay!!!

Didn’t like:

  • Mike Grier fans on a puck? Wow, coulda blown me over with a feather./sarcasm
  • Why is Ellis on a line with Vanek? Geez, Vanek’s gonna commit hari-kari soon.
  • So Connolly’s on a line with McCormick and Kaleta? Heh.
  • Hecht is a puck-handling nightmare.
  • Man, this is some ugly hockey early.
  • If I was McCormick I’d be having words with Connolly about why he skated right over the puck when I had a scoring chance in the slot. Go around me, dude!
  • Do I need to explain the concept of the “power play” to you boys again? See, it’s when you have MORE guys on the ice than they do…
  • Enroth is playing well, but that doesn’t mean you need to test him continually. Just sayin…
  • Geez, Pominville, that was an egregious giveaway behind your own net. Wet noodle beating for you in between periods!
  • Nice job not gettin’ that puck out of your own zone, Grier. Nice job.
  • Did I mention that I fired McCutcheon from the power play three or four years ago? Yeah. Totally fired.
  • Vanek misses the net. Does the team have him on watch? Seriously.

I… I don’t know what to think. They won. THEY ACTUALLY WON.



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