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POLL: Who’s been the Most Valuable (new) Player? November 8, 2010

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I got to thinking about the new guys, including free agents brought in and rookies. Some of the pick-ups/new guys I’ve liked, some I haven’t. So I’ll put it out to you, my three blog readers: who’s been the MV(n)P of the season so far?



Winners will be announced… well… whenever I want them to be. ‘cuz it’s my blog n’ that’s how I roll.



1. Nick - November 9, 2010

I have to give the first nod to Leopold. I typically like scorers better than defenders, but he’s just so reliable and capable. He looks in control. Sure, Ennis has some flash, but he’s having trouble getting the room to do what he wants, and he needs room to be truly effective; otherwise, he’s taking up a roster spot. (And shootouts don’t count.) Here’s to hoping Tyler figures out some new tactics so this discussion is more difficult. 🙂

Richard - November 10, 2010

Up until recently Ennis was scoring a point per game, so I think he is effective. Choosing between he and Leopold is pretty much splitting hairs.

2. Richard - November 8, 2010

I would rather put them in order, instead of just picking one. The top three, in order, are Ennis, Leopold, and McCormick. Ennis, because of his attitude and offensive strength. Always hustling, goes up against anybody. Leopold, for veteran posture and defensive skill with some offense as a bonus. McCormick, for hard work, good amount of skill, and grit. They are very close and hard to put in order.
The bottom three, in order, are Morrisonn, Niedermeyer, and Gerbe. These are harder to separate, especially since they have not been in all the games. Morrisonn is a capable blue-liner but has been injured. I expected a more physical game from him but have not really seen it. Niedermeyer is a proven veteran but has not shown as much leadership as I expected. Gerbe isn’t quite there yet. He shows great skill and offensive presence sometimes, but needs to be more consistent.
So I think they divide into 3 and 3 pretty easily, without much difference in the rankings within the groups of 3.

manda903 - November 8, 2010

I could’ve enabled multiple-choice answers, but I didn’t. So there. 😛 (Richard is my dad, for those who don’t know.)

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