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Impartiality in the NHL November 18, 2010

Posted by calvin in Uncategorized.

This is an issue that’s been in the back of my mind for a long time and this whole situation with Colin Campbell and the leaked e-mails has brought it to the forefront. Can there be impartiality in the NHL when you’re dealing with fathers and sons, brothers, ex-teammates, and best friends? Now, I know these situations exist in other sports, but I’d argue that the familial ties, at least, are more prevalent in hockey than in other sports. How many other sports have more than one set of brothers playing in the league at one time? How many have a father coaching  a team his son doesn’t play on? How many have a father who is a league official for a league his son plays in?

So given all of those situations, is it possible for these guys, especially the older ones, to remain impartial? If you read the Colin Campbell e-mails, it appears not. What’s your take?



1. Richard - November 18, 2010

It sounds to me like a conflict of interest situation and Campbell or anyone else in a similar situation should recuse himself or herself. It would be better for the game and would make lawsuits less likely. These emails make the game sound like roller derby or something.

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