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Angry Lindy and his idea of new lines November 24, 2010

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So Lindy Ruff went mental on the guys today after he didn’t like the way they executed a power play drill. If you want to see the (pretty entertaining) tirade, go here. Good for him! Maybe some of these guys will wake up and figure out that a 12.8% success rate on the power play, good for 26th in the league, ain’t gettin’ it done.

As for lines, here’s what Lindy drew up on the ole’ chalkboard today to deal with the injuries. I still like my suggestions better, but whatever:





As for this apparently apathetic power play corps, he’s got Pominville-Vanek-Gerbe, with Roy and Myers at the blue line; and Ennis-Gaustad-Adam, with Jordan Leopold-Andrej Sekera at the point.

Ryan Miller is definitely out for tonight. Who thinks they’re going to get creamed by Pittsburgh? *raising hand* Sigh.



1. C.A.R. - November 24, 2010

I still think Lindy should put more *stars* on his lines– Hey! How about a Harry Potter line! They can come in handy when the team fails to get a shot on goal for three consecutive power plays. That kind of thing…

Harry Potter would have to play center and with Draco Malfoy on his left, Neville Longbottom on right wing (I heard his physical agility is getting better since he joined the Quidditch team) and on defense, Luna Lovegood and Bellatrix Lestrange, if Lindy can keep Bellatrix from strangling Luna. One tough broad…

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