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Goaltending is not the problem… November 24, 2010

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I don’t understand what’s going on with several of our players. I really can’t explain what’s happened to the offense of Jochen Hecht (2G, 3A); Paul Gaustad (1G, 4A,); and Jason Pominville (1G, 3A). I can’t account for why Shaone Morrisonn is a -12, or why Tim Connolly is a -9. I know a couple of the players have had nagging injury problems, and especially if they’re older players like Rivet and Niedermayer that can really hamper their games, but did those injuries really account for how poorly their seasons have progressed thus far?

I didn’t see most of the game tonight, as I was at a friend’s house. I know they didn’t play badly, but I also know Jhonas Enroth got boned in that game by his teammates. How much more do his teammates want him to do? He let in one goal against what is arguably one of the most potent offensive teams in the NHL. Somewhere, Ryan Miller was watching this game and shaking his head in general disgust, feeling a great sense of empathy with Enroth.

I heard Marc-Andre Fleury stood on his head, but come ON, we all know that despite his Stanley Cup ring Fleury is not an elite goaltender. So what was the problem this time, guys? I am one of the most patient, rah-rah fans you’ll find, but even I want to shake my favorite player (Pominville, as most of you know) and say, “If you shoot ten feet wide ONE MORE TIME I’m going to make you shoot five hundred pucks a day until every single one of them goes into the net. With Ryan Miller goaltending. And you blindfolded.”

But despite all that, I’m still thankful we have a team to bitch about. And that’s the most important thing.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



1. Richard - November 24, 2010

Ryan Miller probably would not have stopped that one. Fleury was giving up rebounds all over the place, and the Pen’s D was letting the Sabres inside. By rights it should have been 4-1 Sabres. The one thing I noticed was that the Sabres took a lot of shots right at Fleury. Like they forgot there are 4 corners to shoot at. It was frustrating to watch. Must be even more frustrating to be a Sabre right now.

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