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Guest Post: My mom covers the Sabres vs. Blue Jackets 12/3/10 Postmortem December 4, 2010

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In my absence my mother kindly stepped in to provide the hard-hitting analysis you’ve come to expect from Two Minutes for Roughing. This will be posted out of order because the blog post about the game against Ottawa has already been put up, but I have faith my blog readers can keep up with the switcheroo of dates. So without further ado… my mother’s witty commentary about the Sabres vs the Blue Jackets:


It’s been a long time coming, Sabres fans. By my recollection, at least a decade. You don’t believe me? Remember skinny rookie goalie Ryan Miller getting creamed every other game and our guys just skating by as if nothing had happened? What about little Stuey Barnes lying unconscious on the ice while some pushing and shoving with Cullimore went on over his bruised head. The crowd yelled for vengeance but the perpetrator was in the penalty box and eventually nothing substantial happened to Cullimore.
What the heck am I talking about? Keep reading.
To my mind the Sabres made history last night. What they did last night, which is what we’ve all been wanting them to do for YEARS, is stick up for each other. Every. Single. Time. There must have been half a dozen times where a Sabre flew at a Blue Jacket to cream him for taking a cheap shot at one of our players– Montador, Kaleta, McCormick etc. The list goes on.
Steve Montador was fierce and ended up with a 10 minute misconduct.  Did you see how many punches Kaleta got in in his fight with Dorsett? I tried to count them in the replay and got 22, but I could’ve missed some they were coming so fast. And the triumph on his face afterwards giving the Jackets his now signature hand-washing gesture after spending two seasons backing down from every potential fight. I looove Pat Kaleta! And Drew Stafford look positively determined last night. Remember the Drew that started on this team with a bang a few years ago and then slowly melted into a sticky, smelly puddle in a back room someplace while a look-alike Stafford gave up the puck, missed scoring chances and looked like he’d rather be anywhere else than on the ice? Well, fans! He’s baaaack! I loved it!
The commentators talked for a long time about the positive affects of the team coming together to help each other out and building that elusive but invaluable element called team chemistry. A decade, I’m telling you! Was it worth waiting for? Better be!
And there you have, faithful blog readers! My mom’s thoughts on the game. How did she do? Let her know in the comments!


1. Richard - December 4, 2010

Your mom is pretty much spot on!

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